If Only Anthony Weiner Had Used It...

By Ben Schott, on Friday, August 29, 2014

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This Week’s Best Reading

How to Become a Billionaire

If you want to become a billionaire, figure out a way to help a billion people. No ideas off the top of your head? Take one of Dr. Peter Diamandis’s. Who knew it was this simple?

Pocket Change to $63 Million, Overnight

Here's an inspiring story: 4 guys set out to build a nice little "lifestyle business," but their business boomed – and then caught the eye of deep-pocketed investors. Read about them here.

Location. Location. Location.

Does a start-up's location make any difference to its prospects of being acquired? A VC from Redpoint Ventures decided to find out. His conclusion may surprise you.

Could an Executive Order Help Start-Ups?

After Labor Day, President Obama may issue an executive order that could ease the path toward citizenship for immigrant entrepreneurs. Learn more here.

How To Destroy a Start-up In 3 Simple Steps

Strong feelings can lead start-up founders to make the worst choice at the worst time. Here's what to watch for.

If Only Anthony Weiner Had Used It…

Top VC Kleiner Perkins thinks the time is right for this $10 billion “vanishing message” company. Read the article (before it self-destructs) here.

Video: Angel Investor Shares His Secrets

If you want to get good at something, copy the professionals. Here’s Graham Gullans, Managing Director of Empire Angels, laying down his early-stage investing best practices. Watch it here.

New Record for Most Funded Kickstarter Ever

Many companies with revolutionary ideas have turned to crowdfunding to raise capital. While the new Kickstarter champ might not change the world, we can't deny that his idea is "pretty cool." See the new record-holder here.


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