Introducing: "Publicly Traded Startups"

By Lou Basenese, on Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Last week, I published my first newsletter article for Crowdability.

Thank you for all your kind words and comments! As it turns out, many of you already know me from my prior work at Wall Street Daily and Agora Financial.

But for those of you who might not know me so well, here’s what I’d like to do today:

  1. Tell you more about how I invest and my area of expertise.
  2. Explain why what I do fits perfectly with what Matt and Wayne do at Crowdability, and why that led us to team up.
  3. And most importantly, I’ll explain how this led to my newest investment idea — an opportunity we’ll be sharing with you over the next couple of weeks.

As mentioned, this investment could potentially hand you profits of 52,442%!

“Public Venture Capital”

Matt, Wayne, and I all invest in a similar way:

We identify massive trends or technology breakthroughs, and then invest in them early.

But here’s the thing:

While Matt and Wayne show you how to profit from these trends in the private markets…

I show you how to profit from them in the public markets.

In particular, I focus on investing in publicly traded early-stage companies.

I call these Public Venture Capital Investments.

Early-Stage Public Companies

Essentially, public venture capital investments are early-stage companies that are already publicly traded.

You see, traditionally, a young startup will spend five or ten years raising multiple rounds of private financing… and then it will go public.

But with public venture capital, a startup will raise a small amount of financing and then IPO very quickly — for example, it might go public just 9 to 18 months later.

Like private startups, such companies have enormous upside potential…

But unlike private startups, they already trade on the stock market.

Public Venture Profits

As opposed to traditional “penny stocks,” many public venture companies are high-quality businesses…

They have top investors, proven business models, and all-star management teams.

For example, a couple of years ago, I recommended that my readers invest in a public venture company called Energous (WATT).

The company’s CEO had previously led eight tech companies to successful exits worth a combined $5 billion. Its Chief Technology Officer had advanced degrees from MIT, and had built technology systems for the U.S. Department of Defense.

Furthermore, its early investors included Millennium Management, a prestigious hedge fund that manages more than $20 billion.

I bought into this early-stage company in October 2017, at about $9.50 per share.

By December, its shares had rocketed to $30.

Bottom line: my readers and I were able to cash out in less than 60 days for a 301% profit.

Similar To the Deals You See at Crowdability

Public venture companies are very similar to the deals you see at Crowdability.

  • They both represent early-stage, emerging growth opportunities.
  • Their valuations are in the tens of millions of dollars.
  • Their products and services address large markets.
  • And their executive teams have a proven history of success.

Essentially, public venture capital companies are publicly-traded startups. 

But since they trade publicly, you can cash out at any time — like I did with Energous.

As I mentioned, I tripled my money in less than two months!

And if you have a brokerage account and a few hundred dollars, you can get started today.

Why Now?

Public venture capital is just starting to emerge as a major trend.

More and more startups have started pursuing this route.

The thing is, the mainstream financial press hasn’t caught onto it yet…

Which explains why right now is the time to jump in…

Tech’s Next Great Wealth Generator

And this brings me back to the trend I mentioned in last week’s article »

This trend will transform some of the biggest technology markets in the world today…

And we’ve identified a “public venture” opportunity that will allow you to capitalize on it.

As mentioned, this single investment could potentially hand you gains of 52,442%.

Over the next few days, we’ll reveal more about this opportunity — including how you can get access to it before its share price explodes.

So stay tuned!


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