Introducing: The Lifetime Income Card

By Wayne Mulligan, on Thursday, August 13, 2020

With negotiations for a coronavirus stimulus package still deadlocked in Congress…

Many Americans have high hopes for Trump’s “executive order.”

Could this order put some quick money in your pocket?

Today I’ll answer that question for you.

Then I’ll introduce you to an alternative solution…

As you’ll learn, this alternative could provide you with a lifetime of income

And best of all, you can get access to it as early as next week!

Trump Jumps In

Negotiations over the stimulus package stalled last Friday…

And the Dems and Republicans haven’t met since.

This deadlock could go on for weeks.

In fact, as The Washington Post reported, the White House Chief of Staff who’s running negotiations on behalf of the Republicans “left Washington this week for an unspecified amount of time.”

Which is why President Trump jumped in with his own solution:

It’s an “executive order” that aims to bypass Congress entirely.

Here’s a summary of it…

$300 per Week? Not So Fast…

Trump’s order includes eviction protection and student loan assistance.

But its most important benefit relates to unemployment payments, which are expected to be $300 per week.

Unfortunately, it’s not clear these payments will ever arrive…

First of all, legal experts say such payments are “constitutionally questionable.” After all, if federal funding is involved, payments need to be authorized by Congress.

Secondly, the technology behind the jobless benefit system is an antiquated mess. So experts question whether it’s up to the task of doling out such funds.

And lastly, even if the $300 benefit does happen, analysts estimate there’s only enough money to pay for it for about five weeks.

All this explains why, as CNN reported, these actions “will not quickly deliver the aid Trump promised. They may not deliver much at all.”

This is very disappointing news.

But thankfully, you’re about to learn about an alternative solution...

A solution that has nothing to do with the government.

Even better, it could provide you with far more than five weeks of support…

As you’ll see, it could hand you a lifetime of income.

A Better Solution: The Lifetime Income Card

As Matt and I have been explaining all week, you can’t rely on the government to provide for you right now.

But you can rely on this:

This is my Lifetime Income Card. 

Simply put, this card gives you the opportunity to collect payments of $1,200 or more — every single month.

In fact, this card could be the key to unlocking multiple income streams, including:

  • A simple way to help you collect hundreds or even thousands of dollars in cash flow each month, no matter what’s happening in the stock market.
  • A government-backed investment that could provide you with an extra $1,200.
  • A powerful income strategy that could help you earn $1,200 or more every month — FOR LIFE — without risking a dime of your own money.

This Card Is for Everyone…

Furthermore, unlike Trump’s executive order or a Congressional stimulus program, the Lifetime Income Card doesn’t come with all the typical restrictions.

For example, it doesn’t matter:

  • How much money you make. In fact, the more you make, the more this card could potentially help you collect.
  • Where you live. Every American and even most foreign investors can take advantage of the benefits this card offers.
  • Whether you’re working, unemployed, or retired.

Bottom line:

With one of these cards, instead of waiting around for the government…

You could take control of your financial future…

And you could put yourself in position to start receiving monthly checks, now!

Now You Can Get One for Yourself — For Free

Matt and I already secured one of these cards for ourselves and each of our employees...

But recently, we were able to obtain a few more of them for readers like you.

To be eligible to receive a Lifetime Income Card, you just need to click here now »

Happy Investing.

Best Regards,
Wayne Mulligan
Wayne Mulligan


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