Invest in Richard Branson's New "Toy"

By Matthew Milner, on Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Flying cars are a mind-blowing concept…

And as we’ve written about, they might even be a good early-stage investment.

But as you’re sitting on a hot, sandy beach this summer, perhaps you’d rather invest in a futuristic vehicle that takes you below sea level.

We’ve got just the thing:

A flying submarine.

Explore A New World

The ocean contains 326,000,000,000,000,000,000 gallons of water.

That should be enough water to keep the whole family busy for a while.

For fun, you could slip on some flippers and skim the surface, or even put a tank on your back and dive down 100 feet or so.

But if you’re really looking to explore the deep stuff, how about hopping into the cockpit of this DeepFlight submarine and piloting yourself down to the ocean floor?

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane…

Military submarines are pretty cool…

But the new subs made by a start-up called DeepFlight are awesome.

With their winged design, they operate using the same principles as an airplane.

Enclosed in a 360-degree plexiglass bubble, you can fly next to whales and sharks, float into underwater canyons, and zip into ancient shipwrecks.

And if you step on the accelerator, you and your DeepFlight sub can explode out of the water like a whale breaching the surface.

The Bigger Picture

With an entry-level model priced at $1.35 million, the primary market for DeepFlight submarines is owners of multi-million dollar “super yachts.”

And given their early sales to Sir Richard Branson, venture capitalist Tom Perkins, and filmmaker James Cameron, it looks like DeepFlight is onto something.

But there’s a bigger picture here:

Deep-water submarines aren’t just toys…

Their contributions to science could be enormous.

Just like a start-up called SpaceX is helping advance space exploration, DeepFlight could help advance undersea exploration.

After all, 94% of Earth’s life forms are aquatic. The mysterious creatures we discover 36,000 feet below sea level could be of major scientific interest.

Also of intense interest – scientific and political – is whether the recent slowing of global warming at the Earth’s surface is due to the deep ocean’s absorption of heat.

Deep-sea submarines could be used to help answer such questions.

Flying Subs & Printed Kidneys

One of the most exciting aspects of early-stage investing is that you get to see the future today.

Not just flying cars and submarines, but medical breakthroughscrypto-currencies that upend our basic beliefs about money, or 3D printing companies that might one day “print” new kidneys.

With technical advancements from start-ups like DeepFlight, great mysteries of the sea and our universe might finally be revealed – and by being an early-stage investor, you can take part in the journey and the potential profits.

DeepFlight is currently raising $1 million on an equity crowdfunding platform called CrowdFunder. If you’re interested in learning more, click here >>

And here’s a video of a DeepFlight sub as it searches for whales in Hawaii.

(Please note: Crowdability has no financial relationship with CrowdFunder, DeepFlight, or any other of the platforms or start-ups mentioned in this article. Crowdability is an independent provider of research and education.)

Happy Investing!

Best Regards,
Matthew Milner
Matthew Milner


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