Invest with Mike Tyson

By Crowdability, on Friday, July 31, 2015

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How Much is That Picasso in the Window?

A new startup is aiming to catalog every art object ever made—including its current owner and the last price paid. And once every piece is verified, it plans to make the database “shoppable.” See how to make money from art here.

Convicted Drug Trafficker Starts Accounting Company—Sells it for Millions

Ex convict Duane Jackson transitioned quickly from prison life to start-up life. Within 4,000 days of leaving jail, his company KashFlow was acquired for millions.  Watch his video interview here.

Does Your Dog Eat Organic?

A pet food startup called The Honest Kitchen sells “human grade” food for dogs. The ingredients would be right at home at a four-star restaurant: free-range chicken, cage-free duck, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, and cranberries. Sales last year reached $21 million, and are growing at 50%. Do you eat this well?

NYC Real Estate—For Less

Staggering wealth has been made in NYC by real estate investors… and continues to be made here by those who invest early in the next up-and-coming neighborhood.Here’s how to get a piece for yourself, for less than you might have imagined.

Invest With Mike Tyson

The former heavyweight boxing champ has done a stint on Dancing With the Stars. He’s produced a documentary about his passion for pigeons. He’s even showed up on Madonna’s new album. Now he’s either getting into the Bitcoin game—or he’s getting scammed out of a bunch of money. Step into the ring here.


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