Is Your Name On This List of “Cheaters”?

By Crowdability, on Friday, August 28, 2015

Should Humans Be Allowed to Marry Robots?

The Supreme Court’s recent 5–4 decision legalizing same-sex marriage raises an interesting question: Could robot-human marriages be next? In a recent article onSlate, the answer points to “yes.” Fall in love with R2-D2 here.

Documents Confirm Apple is Building Self-Driving Car

Apple is scouting for secure locations in the San Francisco Bay area to test its self-driving car. The move comes as Google, Uber and other tech companies are pouring cash into robotic cars. Test-drive the news here.

Why I Received a Personalized Cremation Urn in the Mail

Eliam Medina, the founder of a start-up that helps people create a legally-binding will, certainly knows how to make an impression. Aiming to get his young company into Y Combinator, the prestigious start-up accelerator, he sent out personalized cremation urns to Y Combinator’s partners. See what happened next.

Why These Start-ups Want You to Eat Bugs

Eating insects is common to 2 billion people worldwide, but one doesn’t see many folks eating grasshopper tacos or stir-fried silkworm pupae in NYC or London. Is that about to change? Several entrepreneurs are working to bring the edible insect market to the U.S. and Europe. See what’s chirping here.

Is Your Name On This List of “Cheaters”?

Ashley Madison is a dating site with a special focus: it’s for married folks who’d like to be unfaithful. In a recent hacking scandal, 32 million users have been exposed—and now, a start-up is capitalizing on the hack by launching a service that lets you search its database for potential cheaters. Search for the truth here.


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