"It Was Horrible... The Feedback Was Very Personal"

By Ben Schott, on Friday, September 12, 2014

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This Week’s Best Reading

Our Interview With The $40 Million Man

Barry Silbert was one of Bitcoin’s earliest investors. Today he manages a Bitcoin portfolio worth more than $40 million, and recently launched the Bitcoin Investment Trust, which is designed to be an easier way to get exposure, much like the gold ETF, GLD. We wanted to learn more, so we spoke with him the other day – take a listen.

A Billion-Dollar Return… 14 Years in the Making

David Hornik of August Capital tells the story of a portfolio company that, 14 years after he invested, was acquired for $1 billion. See why patience is a virtue for early-stage investors here.

A High-Class Problem

Most early stage companies would love to have the “problem” of too much funding. But Boris Wertz of Version One Ventures has learned about four key drawbacks to over-funded start-ups.

Realty Mogul Allocates More Than $30 Million

Realty Mogul, one of the leaders in Real Estate Crowdfunding, has now raised more than $30 million for its properties. This from a startup launched in the Spring of 2013. Read more here.

Lessons Learned from a $25 Million Acquisition

A founder and CEO talks about the $25 million acquisition of his company. He shares the ups and downs he went through, the unexpected points along the way, and how things have changed post-sale. Listen to the podcast here.

What To Do About The SEC's Foot-Dragging

Two years after the JOBS Act was passed, the SEC still hasn’t finalized the rules that would allow ALL citizens to invest in start-ups. Are they too busy drinking Martinis? What can we do? Three experts give their 2-cents here.

"It Was Horrible… The Feedback Was Very Personal”

Nick Hungerford had what he thought was a great idea, but 45 investors in a row rejected him. His credit cards maxed out, sleeping on the floor of a friend’s house, he almost reached his limit – then he hit pay dirt. Read all about his story here.

5 Insider Tips from Top Start-Up Investors

Tanya Prive of Onevest asked top venture capitalists and angel investors for the "secret sauce" that guides their investing decisions. See what they said here.

Techstars Offers Start-Ups "Equity-Back Guarantee"

Put this one in the “Best deal We’ve Heard All Week” category. Now a start-up can "get its equity back" if start-up accelerator Techstars doesn't deliver. Its co-founder explains why.

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