Jon Stewart to Acquire CNN

By Ben Schott, on Friday, July 25, 2014

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This Week’s Best Reading

Between Classes, This Freaking Kid Built and Sold His Start-Up

Dan Shipper built up his company, Firefly, while studying at the University of Pennsylvania. See how he did it.

How a Successful Kickstarter Lost Half a Million Bucks

The world of rewards-based crowdfunding is full of projects that never quite deliver. But how did this one raise $500,000 – and then just disappear? Check out this cautionary tale.

Melo is Now a Venture Capitalist

New York Knick Carmelo Anthony is now a VC. Hopefully he's learned how to pass. Get it? See what Carmelo Anthony's been up to.

Nobody Cares About Your Opinion, Dude

Fred Stevens-Smith, founder of a software company called Rainforest, is sick and tired of all this talk of a bubble.

Questioning the Proposed Accredited Investor Standards

The SEC is at it again. As Crowdfund Insider puts it, the SEC is tackling a “non-problem.” Now a big shot is joining the debate over the new (and more stringent) proposed standards for investor accreditation. See who it is, and see what he’s got to say to the government bureaucrats.

Video: How Bitcoin and Crowdfunding Can Revolutionize Charitable Giving

It's a long video, but since it’s from Fred Wilson, it’s worth watching. Check it out here.

Jon Stewart Turns to Crowdfunding

"News" just broke that Daily Show host Jon Stewart has launched a crowdfunding campaign to buy CNN. All he needs is $10 billion. Ready to invest?

10 Common Pitfalls for Start-Ups

A little tongue-in-cheek, but a valuable piece nonetheless. This essay from Mike Collett of Promus Ventures lists ten start-up blunders to watch out for. A must-read before you invest! See the list here.

Can Great Start-Up Founders See the Future?

The most successful tech companies are just like “volcanos,” says Guy Turner of Hyde Park Venture Partners. See what he means in this thought-provoking post.

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