Leaked Document: Wall Street's Profit Playbook

By Wayne Mulligan, on Thursday, April 5, 2018

Take a look at this photo...

It’s a bit blurry...


But this is a photograph of a confidential document that we recently uncovered...

And while it might not be obvious, the information contained in this document could be worth millions, or possibly billions, of dollars if you know what to do with it.

Let me explain...

Guaranteed Profits

In yesterday’s article, Matt revealed one of Wall Street’s best-kept secrets...

Essentially, it’s the secret to all of Wall Street’s power and wealth.

You see, as Matt explained, Wall Street’s biggest banks use a powerful strategy to earn guaranteed profits over and over again.

This strategy has allowed them to manipulate, and profit from, almost every major bull market for the past century.

And while the Wall Street elite earned billions of dollars in profits from this strategy, individual investors like you were left fighting over the scraps — or worse, you were stuck licking your wounds after suffering crippling losses.

But here’s the thing...

Now that you know how Wall Street’s banks really work, you have the chance to turn the tables on them.

More specifically, if you know where these institutions will be placing their next big bet, then you could put your money there early...

And then cash out for a fortune before they do.

The Fortune Buried in This Leaked Document

But how could you possibly know where Wall Street’s biggest banks will be investing next?

Normally, that information is a closely guarded secret that’s only available at the top echelons of the financial world.

Individuals like you would never be able to get their hands on that kind of information...

Until now.

You see, the secret lies within the leaked document we showed you earlier...

That document spells out the exact sector where Wall Street is about to place its next big bet...

And we believe that, if we position ourselves there early, we’ll have the chance to make a great deal of money, with very little risk.

Wall Street’s Next Big Bet

The sector I’m referring to is the market for crypto currencies.

Now, if you’ve been reading the mainstream media for the past year, that might sound ridiculous.

I mean, wasn’t it Jamie Dimon, the CEO of J.P. Morgan, who caused Bitcoin to go into a 20% freefall after he called it a “fraud” this past September?

And to be clear, J.P. Morgan isn’t the only big bank to come out against the crypto market...

The Chief Investment Office team at UBS, for example, said crypto currencies were a “bubble”...

And James Faucette, an analyst at Morgan Stanley, sent a research note to clients earlier this year, saying that the “real value of bitcoin” was $0 — that’s zero dollars!

He essentially said Bitcoin was worth nothing.

Given all this evidence of Wall Street’s skepticism towards crypto-currencies, why on earth would we predict that Wall Street’s biggest banks are about to pour billions of dollars into this market?

Well, the first thing you need to understand is that this is a typical Wall Street tactic...

You see, the banks know that if they come out strongly in favor of a particular asset, then everyone else in the world would start investing there, too...

And if that happened, it could cause prices to go up and Wall Street’s profits to go down.

On the flip side, by coming out against crypto-currencies, the banks are betting that prices will continue to fall...

Which would give them more opportunities to pick up these assets on the cheap.

I mean, going back to Jamie Dimon’s statements in September, you’d think every trader at J.P. Morgan would have been avoiding Bitcoin like the plague, for fear of losing their job.

But that wasn’t the case at all...

You see, just three days after Mr. Dimon made his comments — and caused Bitcoin to go into a freefall — J.P. Morgan traders scooped up a massive amount of shares in an overseas Bitcoin investment:


As you can see, J.P. Morgan Securities was the 4th largest buyer of this particular investment.

And it wasn’t the only bank to take advantage of this temporary price drop...

As you can see, Morgan Stanley — the company that said Bitcoin was worth “zero” — was the largest buyer that day...

In fact, its stake was nearly 9x larger than J.P. Morgan’s!

How to Play the Next Bull Market

Now, to be fair, these could just have been opportunistic trades...

Perhaps the banks still believe cryptos are worthless long-term, and this was simply a way for them to make a few extra bucks in the short-term by manipulating the market.

In fact, we even considered this possibility ourselves for a moment...

But then we came across the document I mentioned earlier — and everything changed.

You see, that document contains the specific steps Wall Street plans to take over the coming months in the crypto-currency market...

As we’ve come to learn, Wall Street is going “all in” on cryptos.

And thanks to this document, we know exactly where it’s going to invest next.

We believe this will unleash a wave of wealth like we’ve never seen before.

And next week, Matt will show you exactly how you can begin to position yourself to take advantage of it.

Stay tuned.

Best Regards,
Wayne Mulligan
Wayne Mulligan


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