Marijuana 2017: The "Green Gold Rush"

By Wayne Mulligan, on Thursday, May 4, 2017

In 1996, California became the first U.S. state to legalize medical marijuana…

And stock market pundits have been predicting huge profits for pot investors ever since.

The thing is, those pundits were way too early:

Between the uncertain legal climate and conflicting public opinion, the industry just wasn’t ready for takeoff.

But times have finally changed—and it’s creating a huge opportunity for investors like you.

So today I’ll show you why right now is the time to start placing big bets on this market.

Tipping Point

Since California first legalized medical marijuana, 29 other states have followed suit.

Meaning, the vast majority of Americans can now get a prescription for medical marijuana.

This development alone was enough to turn legal cannabis into a multi-billion dollar industry. But in 2012, fuel was added to the fire: Colorado passed Amendment 64.

Amendment 64 made it legal to buy marijuana for recreational use, so now “weed” is as easy to buy as beer.

This was a watershed moment, and other states (including California, Washington and Massachusetts) quickly followed suit. Add it all up, and one out of every five Americans can now legally possess cannabis for recreational purposes.

These changes are already creating a financial windfall…

For instance, according to an economic consulting firm called the Marijuana Policy Institute, in 2015, the marijuana industry created 18,005 new full-time jobs in Colorado.

Not only that, but the state brought in more than $150 million in tax revenue from legal marijuana sales.

But in this new era for marijuana, it’s not the local governments that stand to gain the most…

The ones who stand to gain the most are entrepreneurs and investors like you.

History Repeating Itself

To get a sense for how the marijuana market might evolve—and who the biggest financial winners will be—let’s look at a very similar market:

The market for alcohol during and after Prohibition.

There are many similarities. For example, during Prohibition, people were still able to purchase alcohol legally; they just needed a prescription from their doctor.

It’s the same exact thing with medical marijuana.

Another similarity is this: when Prohibition was eventually repealed, those who’d set themselves up to take advantage of it made fortunes.

As just one example, look at Joe Kennedy Sr., JFK’s father.

During Prohibition in the late 1920s, Joe set up exclusive liquor importing contracts with Europe’s top distilleries. As long as the booze he imported was being used for medicinal purposes, he was able to sell it in the U.S. (Sound familiar?)

Then, as soon as Prohibition was repealed, Kennedy was sitting on the rights to import liquor into the U.S., and now he had the rights to sell it to everyone.

According to Time Magazine, in the first year after the repeal of Prohibition, Kennedy’s company sold 150,000 cases of whiskey.

And when Kennedy was ready to quit the business, he cashed out for $8.5 million...

In today’s dollars, that’s the equivalent of more than $100 million!

Marijuana Millionaires

With marijuana today, we’re seeing entrepreneurs and early investors follow the same roadmap.

For instance, People Magazine recently profiled several “Marijuana Millionaires.”

These are regular people like you and me, and they’re making millions from the changes occurring in the marijuana industry.

Take Hank Borunda as an example…

As soon as Colorado passed Amendment 64, Hank set up his own marijuana dispensary.

According to People Magazine, “On Jan. 1, the first day marijuana could be sold to recreational users over the age of 21, a line of nearly 500 customers snaked out the front door of his Greener Side dispensary. He raked in $47,000 in 24 hours; within three months, he says, he grossed $1.5 million.”

But it’s not just the entrepreneurs who are making a killing in this market…

Investors are making fortunes, too.

For example, look what happened to investors in CV Sciences Inc. (CVSI):

CVSI focuses on developing synthetic versions of Cannabidiol (CBD)—that’s the chemical in marijuana that’s known for its medicinal properties.

In just a couple of years, CVSI went from $2 to $147, so investors who timed it right took home gains of more than 7,000%.

That’s like turning a $10,000 investment into $700,000!

Three Ways to Play The Marijuana Mega-Trend

As you can see, there’s a life-changing opportunity on the horizon:

As the legalization of marijuana continues to explode, a great deal of money will be made…

You just need to know where to look.

Which is why, next week, Matt’s going to share three specific ways to profit from this bull market in marijuana.

Stay tuned!

Best Regards,
Wayne Mulligan
Wayne Mulligan


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