Meet the Scientist Creating a Time Machine

By Crowdability, on Friday, January 3, 2020

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Samsung To Release World’s First Artificial Human

Samsung is hinting at a major technological breakthrough in 2020. In fact, its breakthrough will be released to the public next Tuesday. Learn more »

Did Aliens Visit Earth 15 Years Ago?

In 2004, U.S. Navy pilots spotted a group of objects flying in inexplicable flight patterns. 15 years later, we’ve learned that these pilots weren’t the only ones who encountered the “unidentified flying objects.” Learn more here »

Why We Don’t Have Ape Chauffeurs

Flights to Pluto. Nanobots living in your body. Humans living to be 150 years old. Here’s what tech “experts” thought the world would look like by 2020. Big predictions »

Mysterious Fleet of Drones Has Officials Baffled

On Christmas Eve, residents of Colorado reported seeing giant swarms of drones in the sky. And so far, the FAA, DEA, and U.S. military have denied knowing anything about them. So, who’s controlling them? And what exactly are they doing up there? Find out more here »

Meet the Scientist Creating a Time Machine

Ron Mallett is a renowned astrophysicist and respected university professor. Now he’s aiming to travel back in time to see his deceased father. Read more »


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