"My No. 1 Investment Indicator"

By Crowdability, on Friday, July 24, 2015

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The $100 Million Search for Aliens

Yuri Milner, the Russian internet investor, is spending $100 million of his personal fortune to search for alien civilizations. A single squawk from outer space could change history forever. Get some extraterrestrial intelligence here.

In Praise of Ruthless Magpies

Alexander Graham Bell invented a telecommunications system that connected people around the world and became indispensable to businesses, governments and individuals. A century later, Matti Makkonen did the exact same thing. So why is one name fixed in the history books and the other obscure? Get the scoop here.

Mind-Altering Harvard Start-up Lets You Get “Tiny”

Getaway, a new start-up coming out of Harvard, is giving city folks a chance to test drive a “tiny” house for just $99 a night. Could Getaway’s 160-square-foot abode change the way urban dwellers think about the concept of “home”? Open the door here.

Woman Pitches Investor in Her Underwear, Gets Deal

Imagine finalizing a business deal, complete with on-the-spot pitch, while standing in your underwear. Sounds like something out of an anxiety dream, but for Amanda Kahlow, founder and CEO of a two-year old startup 6sense, it actually happened. Read the weird, funny story here.

"My No. 1 Investment Indicator"

At a breakfast for 90 venture capitalists, not one of them raised his or her hand when asked if they’d invest in a bitcoin start-up. When legendary VC (and bitcoin supporter) Fred Wilson heard about this, he had a strong reaction. See it here.


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