Plane Drops $368 Million from the Sky

By Crowdability, on Friday, March 30, 2018

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Why Is Google in Your Bathroom?

Some say Google’s recent decision to invite itself into your bathroom is horrifying. But this invasion of privacy could actually save your life. To learn why, click here »

Guess this $2.3 Billion Sport…

A beautiful new multi-million dollar stadium is being constructed in Arlington, Texas. But it won’t be used for football, basketball, or any other sport you’re used to watching on TV. Can you guess what sport it’ll be used for? »

Buy a Car from this Vending Machine

Forget candy bars and potato chips. Today’s vending machines are selling brand new cars. This you need to see »

Using Dead Peoples’ Fingers to Hack into Phones

Passcodes. Fingerprint scanners. Facial recognition. No matter how strong your phone’s security systems is, people can still hack into it — even after you’re gone »

Plane Drops $368 Million from the Sky

$368 million of gold recently fell out of a cargo plane. Now, several media outlets are reporting that it hasn’t all been recovered yet. Ready to collect yours? »


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