Pot Startup Alert: Turn $500 into $124,120

By Wayne Mulligan, on Thursday, November 14, 2019

The marijuana industry is red hot right now…

In just a few years, cannabis has turned into a $13 billion market.

But here’s the thing…

A tiny company in Los Angeles is about to give this industry a huge boost.

In fact, we believe this company’s technology could help the marijuana industry explode by 500% or more. That would turn this into a $65 billion profit opportunity.

Today, I’ll tell you more about this extraordinary company — and even more importantly, I’ll explain how you can grab your piece of it before it IPOs.

Untapped Profits

As I mentioned a moment ago, legal cannabis is already a multi-billion dollar market — but it should be far bigger than that.

You see, there are 255 million adults in the United States, and roughly 200 million of them already have access to legal marijuana.

But because of a surprising fact, 75% of the people who could purchase marijuana — 145 million potential consumers — aren’t doing so.

What’s preventing this market from realizing its full potential?

This Is What’s REALLY Holding Pot Back


Marijuana retailers are forced to operate as “cash only” businesses!

You see, because cannabis is still illegal at the federal level, marijuana retailers can’t get access to basic banking services — so they’re forced to transact strictly in cash.

This creates enormous problems for cash-holding business owners, including being the target of criminal activity like robberies and violence.

But equally important, operating in cash severely limits the number of potential customers!

Let me explain…

The Potential for 500% Growth

In a 2018 survey, payment processor TSYS asked 1,222 consumers which form of payment they preferred. Here are the results:

80% chose debit or credit cards. Just 14% chose cash.

Makes sense. Cash is messy and unsafe. In contrast, credit cards are easy, and they can be used to buy things online — which for most people today, is how they prefer to shop.

So if a cannabis business forces customers to deal in cash, it’s severely limiting its potential.

Just think about it: if a customer doesn’t live near a cannabis retailer — and doesn’t have cash in her pocket — she can’t buy anything!

If a company could solve this problem, the cannabis market would explode…

More specifically, if 145 million people could suddenly purchase cannabis online — safely and easily ­— this market could expand by 400% to 500%.

And that would suddenly create a behemoth of a market worth up to $65 billion.

Introducing: “The First National Bank of Marijuana”

Which is why we’re so excited to introduce you to one of the most extraordinary marijuana companies we’ve ever identified…

We’re calling it “The First National Bank of Marijuana.”

This company’s proprietary technology can help marijuana businesses finally circumvent archaic banking laws and get themselves online.

And this is what will finally give all consumers access to marijuana-based products.

Furthermore, it’ll give the company — and its investors — an unprecedented profit opportunity…

24,724% Pot Profit Opportunity

More specifically, we’re forecasting potential profits of 24,724%, and possibly far more.

Meaning, with this single investment, you could potentially turn a small $500 stake into $124,120…

And turn $1,000 into nearly $250,000.

And if you’re a member of Private Market Profits, you’ll be receiving an in-depth investment prospectus on this opportunity later this month.

We hope you’re just as excited to learn about this deal as we are to share it with you.

So stay tuned!

Best Regards,
Wayne Mulligan
Wayne Mulligan

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