Read This Before You Get the New iPhone...

By Ben Schott, on Friday, November 28, 2014

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This Week’s Best Reading

SEC Commissioner's "Mic Drop" Moment

At a conference last week, SEC Commissioner Daniel Gallagher brought the crowd to its feet as he preached that "millionaires can fend for themselves." He’s questioning why the agency is wasting precious time and resources debating a change to the accredited investor definition. Read more here.

Why You Should Look for Freakishly Obsessive Founders

Want to know why Mark Suster of Upfront Ventures looks for "maniacally driven individuals who are obsessive in their pursuit of an idea and who are so competitive and driven that they can't accept failure"? Find out here.

Should We Feel Sorry For Venture Capitalists?

In the startup community, we often hear about the struggle of entrepreneurs – the daily challenges they face to build a new company. But rarely do we hear about the other side of the equation – the struggle of investors. Check it out.

Read This Before You Get that New iPhone…

When you buy the new iPhone, you’re not just purchasing your next phone; you’re making a decision about the future of your digital identity. Read more here.

Obamacare Gives Rise to New Kind of Start-Up

Foes of the Affordable Care Act portray the law as downright evil, an example of socialist-style government. Noah Lang, a healthcare entrepreneur, is not one of those people. Read his story here.

White Males Dominate Angel Investing

Angel investors provide nearly as much money to startups as VCs. But minorities remain vastly underrepresented among their ranks. Check out the infographic here.

How I Became Investor #1 in the Most Promising Start-Up in the World

VC Ben Wiener tells the story of how a start-up he nearly passed on has turned into one of his most exciting portfolio companies. Check it out.

Uber Needs to Grow Up

Francine Hardaway of Stealthmode Partners acknowledges that "Uber, with its $25 billion valuation, isn't asking for my advice, but I will offer it anyway." Read her full post here.

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