Retire with One Investment?

By Wayne Mulligan, on Thursday, January 21, 2021

Yesterday, Matt laid out his “doomsday” scenario for the economy, the market, and your retirement plans.

But even if you think the worst-case scenario won’t happen, one thing is clear:

The stock market is no longer the growth engine it once was. I mean, with all the headwinds we’re facing right now, you’ll be lucky to earn a few points a year going forward.

But what if — with just one investment — there was a way to protect the assets you already have, and at the same time, dramatically grow your wealth?

Well, there is a way. And today I’ll show you what it is…

CNBC: Easy Way to “Double” Your Returns

Now, look — to set the stage here,  I realize this may sound “too good to be true.”

But here’s the thing…

I’m not the only one who’s aware of the investment I’m going to share with you…

For example, CNBC said this investment gives investors like you an “easy way to nearly double the equity return that your 401(k) is generating.”

In fact, as you’re about to see, this investment could help you earn far more than that…

It could potentially help you turn a few hundred dollars into a six-figure or even seven-figure nest-egg… with just one investment.

Let me explain…

This Has NOTHING to do With Stocks

The investment I’m talking about here is something we call “The Private Stock Market.

To be clear, this market has nothing to do with stocks.

And it has nothing to do with options, cryptos, or any other “traditional” investments either.

But the profits here can be extraordinary…

That’s because, when you invest in a company before it goes public in an IPO — in other words, when it’s still private — you’re getting in at the ground floor.

By getting in so early, you can get in at the lowest possible price...

And that’s what can lead to such massive profits down the road.

All it Takes is One Investment

To show you what I mean, look what happened to Peter Thiel...

Thiel was one of the first investors in Facebook. He invested in 2004, back when Facebook was still a tiny private startup.

And because he got in so early, he was able to make 2,000 times his money when Facebook IPO’d.

For every $1,000 he invested when the company was private, he got back $2 million.

I don’t care who you are or what your financial situation is, a single investment like that could change your retirement — and your life — almost overnight.

And to be clear, Thiel’s investment in Facebook isn’t an isolated case. We’ve studied hundreds of examples of private investors seeing massive returns.

For example, private investors in Airbnb earned an estimated 100,000x their money when Airbnb IPO’d last month…

That’s enough to turn a $100 investment into $10 million!

Then there’s my friend and business partner, Howard, who was an early private investor in Uber (UBER).

On that one private investment, Howard was able to turn a $5,000 starting stake into a $2 million windfall.

Now it’s Your Turn!

Frankly, private investing is one of the only investments I’ve ever seen that could hand you profits like that.

And the best part is, you could earn those profits whether the stock market is going up or down... it doesn’t matter.

But to be candid with you, investing in private companies does come with its own set of challenges.

There are literally thousands of different private deals you can invest in right now…

How are you supposed to know which ones could become the next Facebook, the next Airbnb, or the next Uber…

And which ones will just go out of business and return nothing?

Well, after years of studying this market, interviewing expert private investors, and investing our own money…

Matt and I are finally ready to share our research with you.

We want to show you how to identify the startups with the most upside potential, and the least amount of risk.

And in 2021, we want to help you make your first private investment!

Which is why we’ll be hosting a special training session just a few days from now.

And as a Crowdability reader, you can get FREE access to this event.

For more details about how to enroll, simply click here now »

Happy Investing

Best Regards,



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