Shhh: The Secrets Behind Successful Start-Ups

By Ben Schott, on Friday, July 18, 2014

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This Week’s Best Reading

Here Comes Fat Income!

FundingCircle, a pioneer in the peer-to-peer lending space that we wrote about here, announced $65 million in new funding. Read more here.

Could China One-Up the U.S. in Equity Crowdfunding?

It's more likely than you might think. See why it could happen, and soon.

How Much Money Have Bitcoin Start-Ups Really Raised?

Bitcoin “vault” company Xapo just raised $20 million, making it the most-capitalized bitcoin startup in history. One of Xapo’s original investors, Ribbit Capital, compiled some data to show the crazy state of bitcoin investing. Read more here.

Crowdfunding vs. VC Seed Rounds: Which Makes Sense?

Contrary to speculation, crowdfunding and VC seed funding should be raised for distinctly different situations. Read all about it.

SeedInvest Takes the SEC to School

In an open letter to the SEC, the general counsel of SeedInvest, a funding platform, warns that proposed changes to the definition of an Accredited Investor threaten to derail U.S. job growth. He then proposes some nifty common sense alternatives.

Shhh: The Secrets Behind Successful Start-Ups

A bunch of founders share the secret of their success. Caution: it might change the way you look at some well-known winners. Check it out here.

What Types of Businesses Should Consider Equity Crowdfunding?

For entrepreneurs, crowdfunding an investment round may seem like a no-brainer. But as it turns out, it’s trickier than many of them realize. Learn more here.

Amazon Is Delivering Packages Via Drones

Amazon asked the FAA to let them use drones (unmanned aircraft) for commercial purposes. Evidently, they’re serious about doing 30-minute Prime Air deliveries. Yes, it could actually happen. Read more.

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