Simple Trick to Help You Weather This "Crypto Storm"

By Wayne Mulligan, on Thursday, November 29, 2018

As I write this today, we’re heading into the final month of the year.

I vividly remember that, at this time last year, crypto-currencies were in a raging bull market. In fact, they were heading towards record-breaking highs.

But today, the entire sector is down about 80% to 90%.

It may seem like this storm will never let up. Perhaps you’re thinking that cryptos were a “scam” and nothing could possibly bring them back.

But thinking like that could prevent you from making life-changing gains…

So today, I’ll show you a simple trick. It’ll help you keep a calm head during this storm — and help ensure that you’re in position for maximum profit potential.

Let’s Go Back in Time 

During the Internet bubble of the late 90s, (AMZN) was one of the best performing stocks:


It rocketed from $2 in 1997, to more than $100 in 1999 — a gain of about 5,000%.

That’s enough to turn every $1,000 you invested into $50,000.

With very little effort, investors made a fortune.

But then — just like that — it crashed.

The Bubble Bursts

From its peak of about $100, Amazon soon cratered:


It quickly fell to about $6 per share. That’s a 94% loss — enough to wipe out most investors’ gains and create a sea of red ink.

But for those of us who use history as a guide for navigating the financial markets, this story is eerily similar to something that’s happening today: the crash of cryptos-currencies.

After an historic bull run, cryptos are in the midst of a nasty correction.

But just like Amazon and other Internet stocks of the 90s eventually rebounded — and soon exceeded their early “highs” by a wide margin — we believe cryptos will rally, too.

Historic Rally

To explain why we believe this, take a look at this longer-dated chart of Amazon…

It shows Amazon’s stock price through the years — from its IPO all the way to today:


As you can see, Amazon didn’t just rally back to $100…

It’s now rallied to more than $1,600!

In fact, looking at this longer timeline, you can barely see the blip where it collapsed.

If you’d invested in Amazon just after the crash and held on, you’d have made roughly 26,667% on your money…

And even if you’d invested at the pre-crash peak, you’d still be sitting on a gain of 1,600%.

The Secret to Weathering the Crypto Storm

And this is the secret to weathering the current crypto bear market:


In other words, in order to put yourself in position to make life-changing gains, you need to take a long-term perspective on your investments.

Can you imagine how early Amazon investors feel today? I’m talking about the ones who rode the stock all the way up — and then, as soon as it crashed, sold out of their position.

They missed out on one of the greatest investments in history, all because they took a short-term perspective.

When it comes to revolutionary technologies like the Internet or cryptos, you can’t focus on the short-term. Aim to be patient. These things can take time.

So while it might feel like crypto investing is like being on a roller coaster, keep the story you just learned about Amazon in mind:

Because if you sell too early, you might miss the best part of the ride!

Happy investing.

Best Regards,
Wayne Mulligan



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