Strip Club Patrons Being Blackmailed

By Crowdability, on Friday, February 26, 2016

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Robot Lawyer Saves Clients $3 Million

Hiring a lawyer for a parking-ticket appeal is a headache—and it can cost more than the ticket itself. But now a 19-year-old programmer has built a free “bot” to handle the appeal for you. So far, it’s saved clients millions. Lovely Rita Meter Maid.

Free Cable TV for Life

"Say goodbye to your cable bills and get your TV for free," boasts an advertisement for a company called Free TV Box. A similar company calls its product the "cable killer." The technology is here—and this time, it might even be legal.

NASA Contemplates Long Weekend in Mars

NASA just figured out how to get from Earth to Mars in three days. In case that’s not tantalizing enough, the solution they’ve devised—something called photonic propulsion—could also be used detect other civilizations. Boarding now at Gate 12.

Start-Up Tells Employees: “Stop Having Sex!”

Zenefits, the $4.5 billion HR software startup, seems to offer a pretty stimulating work environment. As the Wall Street Journal just reported, Zenefits sent a note to its employees in San Francisco asking them to stop having sex in the office stairwell. Are they hiring?

Strip Club Patrons Being Blackmailed

NBC News reports that dozens of strip club patrons have been told that their lives will be destroyed unless they pay a $2,000 ransom. “We know what you did.”


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