The 3 Deadly Mistakes of Crowdfunding

By Wayne Mulligan, on Friday, April 11, 2014

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This Week’s Best Reading

Hey, Washington: the JOBS Act You Passed is Working

Could a law passed by a polarized Congress actually work to strengthen our economy? New data show that the JOBS Act is doing just that. Read more.

Who Will Win the Future of Crowdinvesting?

Our capital markets today are broken. We don’t understand them or trust them. Crowdfunding companies might change this, but which ones will come out on top?

The Media is Missing the Point on the HealBe "Scampaign"

Editorial: Should an entrepreneur with a sketchy idea be able to raise money? Read more here.

Meet Sam Altman, Silicon Valley's 28-year-old Whiz Kid

The young entrepreneur has just taken over as president of Y Combinator, one of Silicon Valley's most prominent accelerators. See the interview.

UC Berkeley Prof with Some Intriguing Crowdfunding Stats

Crowdfunding is more effective than traditional VCs at selecting viable firms… and there’s proof now that there’s been no fraud to date in equity crowdfunding. These are just two of the jewels in a presentation by the head of UC Berkeley's crowdfunding research initiative. Read more here.

Crowdfunding: How it Could Save the Planet

In the energy sector, crowdfunding is increasingly being used as an alternative way to finance renewable energy projects. Get the story here.

The 3 Deadly Mistakes of Crowdfunding

As with any type of raising capital, crowdfunding has its perils and setbacks. See the three deadly mistakes entrepreneurs make with crowdfunding right here.

The Games Start-ups Play

Every start-up plays two complementary games -- the air game and the ground game. Eric Paley of Founder Collective says the goal should be to inspire people with your company’s lofty long-term vision, but set achievable near-term goals. Read more.

Puking on the Emotional Start-up Rollercoaster

Startups are an emotional rollercoaster; moments of sheer terror interlaced with highly-addictive exhilaration. But the highs can become too high and the lows way too low.How to handle it.

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