"The Big Apple Boom" — 15% Yield

By Wayne Mulligan, on Thursday, February 25, 2021

New York is one of the toughest cities in the world.

But because of the coronavirus pandemic, many are saying NYC might be on its last legs.

With businesses closing in record numbers, home prices falling, and crime rates spiking, they’re saying New York is on the verge of falling into a deep depression.

Basically, they’re saying NYC as we knew it is DEAD.

Well, I’ve lived in The Big Apple my entire life…

And I’m willing to bet these folks are dead wrong.

Today I’ll show you why…

And if you agree, I’ll show you how to bet on New York’s comeback — and give yourself the chance to pocket yields of 15% a year.

“New York is Dead… Long Live New York!”

New York has been written off many times in the past.

Back in the 1970s, for example, it was on the verge of bankruptcy. The city was forced to lay off 20% of its workforce.

At the same time, the murder rate had spiked by nearly 400% since the mid-60s, so the police were overwhelmed.

This caused New Yorkers to flee the city in record numbers. Between 1970 and 1976, nearly 10% of the city’s population moved out.

Initially, these factors pushed real estate prices down. But by the end of the decade, prices came roaring back — with the average price per square foot almost doubling.

The same thing happened again after the 9/11 World Trade Center attacks…

Shortly after the attacks, residents fled the city in record numbers, causing home prices to quickly fall by as much as 50%.

But within in a few years, prices rallied, and were soon hitting all-time highs.

New York isn’t just tough — it’s resilient.

It always bounces back.

That’s why these short-term crises are just that: short-term.

But for long-term thinkers, they aren’t a crisis at all — in fact, they present a tremendous investment opportunity.

Let me explain…

The Coronavirus Crisis

If the United States were the global epicenter of the coronavirus crisis…

Then New York City was the epicenter of the epicenter.

Due to its dense population, COVID spread like wildfire. At one point, New York represented 80% of all new cases in the U.S.

Combine that with the ensuing lockdown, and it was a recipe for disaster:

Businesses shuttered…

The wealthy fled to the suburbs or the country…

And all the furloughed and newly unemployed workers could no longer afford to live in their overpriced apartments — which led to even more folks leaving the city.

Ultimately, housing and rental prices fell to their lowest levels in more than 10 years… levels we hadn’t seen since the 2008 financial crisis!

To some, this was a clear sign that “New York was dead” — but again, that’s just short-term thinking.

If history has taught us anything, it’s that:

  1. New York always bounces back.
  2. If we think long-term — not short-term — we can turn this crisis into an opportunity.

The New York Opportunity Fund

Again, after every major New York real-estate crash, not only have prices always bounced back…

But within just a few years, they went on to reach new all-time highs.

And there’s no reason to think the same thing won’t happen again now.

Which is why I was so excited to see an opportunity to take advantage of this situation…

It’s a private investment fund targeting depressed New York real estate.

Typically, such funds are reserved for only the wealthiest and most well-connected investors. But we’ve discovered a way for you to potentially invest.

The fund is currently accepting “indications of interest” from prospective investors.

Meaning, if enough people “raise their hand” and say they’re interested in investing, the fund will move ahead with a formal fundraising process…

And once completed, the fund will begin acquiring underpriced New York real estate.

The Deal Details

The NYC Opportunity Fund is led by James Nelson, a 20-year veteran of the New York real-estate market…

Most recently, he was a senior executive at Avison Young, a global real estate brokerage and investment firm with over 5,000 employees.

Before that, he was Vice Chairman at Cushman & Wakefield — one of the largest commercial real estate services firms in the world, with over $8 billion in annual revenue.

Again, the fund isn’t actively raising capital, but is currently accepting indications of interest.

If it does begin accepting investments, the minimum will be $1,000.

And the target annual return for investors is as high as 15% per year.

To be clear, you’ll have to share some of those profits with the fund managers, but get this…

The fund will only begin taking its share of profits after it delivers its investors an annual yield that exceeds 6%.

Before it reaches that goal, you get to keep all of the gains.

As always, we’re not recommending that you go and blindly invest in a private deal like this…

It’s a brand-new fund, and your money would be locked up for some time. So you need to do substantial research before making an investment decision.

But, if you’re interested, you can learn more about this opportunity and indicate your level of interest here »

Happy Investing.

Please note: Crowdability has no relationship with any of the startups or funds we write about. We’re an independent provider of education and research on startups and alternative investments.

Best Regards,
Wayne Mulligan
Wayne Mulligan


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