The Secret to Consistently Winning the Lottery

By Crowdability, on Friday, September 22, 2017

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“Can I borrow some sugar… and some DNA?”

We tend to feel a special connection with our best friends. But as scientists recently discovered, interests and memories aren’t the only things we share with them. That’s a strong bond »

[Video] 0 to 60 in Half A Second

Apparently, if you want to go really, really fast — as fast as a rocket, for example — all you need are a few wheels, a frame, and a 35-gallon water tank. Not your childhood tricycle »

Pile of Trash Gets Its Own Currency

As you’re reading this blurb, a pile of trash the size of France is floating around the north Pacific Ocean. This trash has gotten so big and so powerful, it now has its own currency, passport, and flag. More trash-talking here » 

[Video] “Best of” Elon Musk’s Rocket Crashes

This insane compilation video shows Musk’s Falcon 9 rockets doing things they’re not supposed to — including exploding in mid-air, and crashing in a ball of flames. 10…9… 8… BOOM » 

The Secret to Consistently Winning the Lottery

Your odds of winning the lottery are 1 in 175 million. Yet some people keep striking it rich. What’s their secret? It’s all in the numbers »


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