These Seven Cryptos Are About to Skyrocket

By Matthew Milner, on Wednesday, April 18, 2018

For the last two weeks, Wayne and I have been telling you about an extraordinary investment opportunity.

To sum things up:

According to a leaked document that came into our possession, Wall Street is perhaps just weeks away from pouring billions of dollars into the crypto-currency market...

And when it does, we believe this infusion of capital will push seven specific cryptos to new highs.

Which bring us to the opportunity itself:

You have the chance to invest in these cryptos right now, before they skyrocket by an estimated 86,800%.

But to profit, you need to know the exact seven cryptos Wall Street is targeting…

And that’s the information you’ll get access to today. 

Wall Street’s Existential Threat 

The leaked document I’m referring to above paints a simple picture:

Wall Street believes that cryptos are the future of the global financial system.

But to be clear, Wall Street doesn’t just view cryptos as a massive profit opportunity…

It also believes they represent a dire threat to its continued existence.

For example, every year, J.P. Morgan earns nearly $100 billion from its banking activities…

But because of revolutionary innovation that’s taking place in the crypto-currency markets, those revenues are at risk of evaporating.

And now, because of the details described in the leaked document, we know how Wall Street plans to tackle this threat…

Wall Street’s Playbook

To ensure its continued dominance of the global financial markets, we believe Wall Street is gearing up to take control of the cryptos it sees as the most threatening.

And by “take control,” I mean buy them upacquire them outright and remove the threat.

There are more than fifteen-hundred different cryptos on the market…

But to protect itself, Wall Street doesn’t need to control all of them…

It just needs seven of them.

You see, even though Wall Street’s tentacles seem to reach into every aspect of our lives, the vast majority of its profits come from just a handful of businesses — I’m talking about businesses like selling and trading stocks, making loans, and banking.

And here’s the thing:

As you read these words, a handful of cryptos are busy taking aim at those exact businesses… 

Seven Cryptos Set to Explode

For example, one of these seven cryptos is aiming to become the “Nasdaq of crypto.”

The companies listed on the Nasdaq have a combined value approaching $10 trillion, and Nasdaq itself makes about $2.5 billion a year. That’s an enormous amount of value to protect.

But even though this crypto poses a significant threat, Wall Street doesn’t want to “kill” it. Instead, it wants to control it and profit from it.

The way it’ll do that is to buy it — and when it does, this crypto’s value could skyrocket by as much as 952x.

A second crypto is taking on the mutual fund industry. Its goal is to become the “Fidelity of crypto.”

Fidelity holds about $2.4 trillion in assets. Do you think it’ll lie down and let a crypto start-up walk all over it? No! It’ll buy it up — and when it does, this crypto could rise by 100x.

A third crypto is aiming to replace Bank of America…

Bank of America was founded in 1904. It holds more than 10% of all bank deposits in the United States, and serves nearly 50 million consumers and small businesses.

Will it let a young crypto upstart get in its way? Absolutely not. It’ll buy it instead — and when it does, this tiny crypto could go up 1,345x.

It’s a similar story for the other seven cryptos…

These are the seven cryptos that threaten Wall Street’s existence — and these are the cryptos we believe will skyrocket in value as Wall Street pours billions of dollars into them.

Welcome to “Wall Street’s Crypto Takeover.”

Claim Your Stake in 8 Days

We believe that by getting into these cryptos now — before Wall Street starts executing its playbook — you could earn massive profits.

And keep in mind: even if we’re only right about just one of these cryptos, you could still earn an average gain of 86,800% on your money. That’s enough to turn $1,000 into $868,000.

If you’d like the chance to learn about these seven cryptos — and learn how to invest in them right now, before Wall Street does — click the link below...

It will automatically register you for our upcoming online presentation…

We’re calling it Wall Street’s Crypto Takeover Summit.

The summit will kick off next Thursday, April 26th at 7 PM (Eastern).

Not only will attending the summit show you how to claim your stake in these seven cryptos, but just by attending, you’ll be entitled to take part in our $125,000 “crypto giveaway.”

This is something we’ve never done before, so you won’t want to miss it.

We’ll reveal all the details during Thursday’s live (online) event...

So click here now to lock in your seat »

Happy Investing

Best Regards,
Matthew Milner
Matthew Milner


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