Time to Short Oil?

By Crowdability, on Friday, December 1, 2017

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A Cure For Cancer Is Here… If You Qualify

Pharmaceutical companies have invested billions of dollars into “Immunotherapy,” a treatment that’s provided miraculous results to previously incurable cancers. Unfortunately, there’s a hugely frustrating catch: you might not be able to get access to it »

Making Money on the Moon

Fifty years ago, a special Treaty helped prevent nuclear war between the United States and the Soviet Union. But today, as tech moguls start lining up to make billions in outer space, that same Treaty is getting in their way. Why’s it so hard to make money in space? »

[Breaking] New U.S. Fighter Jets To Be Armed with Laser Beams

Earlier this year, the U.S. Army unveiled the most powerful laser ever created. It’s a vehicle-mounted weapon that burns through tanks and shoots missiles out of the sky. Now, the Air Force is getting lasers of its own — and it’s adding them to its fleet of fighter jets »

How A Trip to the Spa Can Save Your Life

Spa treatments like massages and pedicures can leave you feeling relaxed. But did you know they could lower your risk for dementia and heart disease? A “hot” approach to health »

Time to Short Oil?

Tech mogul Elon Musk recently bet that he could solve Australia’s electricity problem. Even for a maniac like Musk, it seemed like a crazy, bold bet. Here’s how he succeeded — and here’s what it might mean for oil stocks »


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