Top 3 Internet Companies in 2020

By Ben Schott, on Friday, May 23, 2014

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This Week’s Best Reading

Uber: The Next $100 Billion Company?

Uber, a transportation start-up, is worth $10 billion. At that price, many investors still call it a “steal.” How much higher can this thing go? Here’s one take.

The Black Hole of "Meh"

Most startups fail. And it’s not because they’re doing something weird, like developing pickle-flavored toothpaste. What’s going wrong here? Ben Wiener of Jumpspeed Ventures has a theory.

Look Out, Banks: We’re Coming To Get You!

Banks currently reject more than 8 out of 10 loan applicants. Have they given up their role as pillars of the community? Crowdfunding to the rescue!

Video: "Bet on the Jockey, Not the Horse"

Angel investor extraordinaire David Rose, who Matt wrote about earlier this week, just made an appearance on Bloomberg. He dishes on what makes a successful angel investor. Check out the video.

Meet 7 Angel Investors Who Love Crowdfunding

With the growth of crowdfunding, traditional angel investors now have access to more deals than ever, and easier ways to assess a company’s traction. Discover 7 angel investors who love crowdfunding, and see why.

SEC Making it Harder for Angels to Get Their Wings

The Securities and Exchange Commission continues their strategy of tying up the world in red tape. Now they’re trying to disqualify many would-be angels. See what all the fuss is about.

Start-Up Valuations Up 85% in Q1

While publicly traded tech stocks have struggled through the first quarter of 2014, early-stage companies have been killing it. Check this out.

The Top 3 Internet Companies in 2020 Will Be…

Why did this interview with mega investor Fred Wilson get the tech community’s underwear in a bunch? Watch the interview here.

Equity Crowdfunding Needs Educated Investors

Ludwinne Decker of CrowdfundInsider makes a case for creating a hybrid funding process: established VCs and angels + equity crowdfunding investors = success. Read her take here.

“Crowdfunding” Added to Dictionary

The term “crowdfunding” has been added to the august publication known as the Merriam Webster’s Dictionary. Given that other new terms include “Hashtag” and “Selfie,” should we be smiling or crying? #ReadThis.

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