Turn a Loss into a 200,000% Profit

By Matthew Milner, on Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Snapchat, the “hot” new social media company, is in freefall.

Since its March IPO (NYSE: SNAP), its stock has gotten crushed.

Investors who bought at $27 have already lost about one-third of their money.

But meanwhile, a different set of Snapchat investors hasn’t lost a dime.

In fact, these investors are sitting on a profit of 200,000%.

Today I’ll tell you how this “magic trick” is possible…

And then I’ll show you how to get in on it yourself. 

Snap Becomes a Sensation

Snapchat got off to a great start.

After developing a mobile camera app that lets people communicate through short videos or images, it became a hit...

Users loved how their pictures and videos were available for just a brief time before disappearing.

In 2012, shortly after Snapchat’s launch, 20 million images were being shared each day…

But by 2016, that number had increased to 10 billion per day.

Snapchat had become a genuine sensation…

And that set the stage for its March 2017 IPO.


Riding a wave of popularity — and taking advantage of a stock market that was (and still is) starving for a hot deal — SNAP went public on the NYSE.

And it delivered:

It raised $3.4 billion, and initially, its stocked performed very well.

But last week, the story started to crumble…

That’s when SNAP released its first quarterly earnings report as public company — and what investors learned was scary:

In just one quarter, it had lost $2.2 billion on $150 million in revenues... user growth had stalled… and Facebook had “copied” all of Snap’s most popular features.

Stock market investors panicked:

In after-hours trading, SNAP shares immediately tanked 23%.

But Meanwhile…

But now I want to tell you about a different group of Snapchat investors.

These investors owned regular Snapchat shares, but they haven’t lost a dime.

In fact, while SNAP’s stock market investors were weeping into their E-Trade accounts, this other group was out buying Ferraris and vacation homes in Aspen.

You see, even after SNAP got clobbered in the stock market, these other investors were still sitting on profits of 200,000%.

That’s 2,000x their money…

Enough to turn a small $500 investment into $1 million…

Or a $5,000 investment into $10 million.

How is this possible? How is everyone else watching thousands, even millions, of dollars in profits evaporate…

But this one group of investors is still squarely in the black?

Simple. They got into Snapchat before its IPO...

They invested when it was still a tiny start-up, just getting off the ground.

And by getting in early, while it was still private, they locked in their shares at just $0.01. That’s just one penny!

So even if they sold their “clobbered” shares today, they’d still be up 200,000%. 

It’s Magic

It’s one thing to talk about hypothetical investment scenarios, or to read about them in some textbook…

But it’s quite another to see real examples like Snap, where early-stage investors are making an absolute fortune — despite the ups and downs of the stock market.

This is something you really need to understand:

Early-stage private investors, ordinary investors just like you, are turning tiny investments into windfalls…

And it’s happening far more than you could imagine.

Our aim at Crowdability is to help you identify these early-stage companies while they’re still young and inexpensive…

And to help you build a portfolio of them so you have the best possible chance at maximizing your success.

Remember, by investing while a company is still private, you can protect yourself from the ups and downs of the stock market, and you can maximize your profits.

These tiny start-ups can transform your bank account — and transform your life — in the blink of an eye.

Happy investing.

Best Regards,
Matthew Milner
Matthew Milner


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