Twitter's Been Reading Your Private Messages

By Crowdability, on Friday, September 18, 2015

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Facebook “Dislike” Button Coming Soon

After years of speculation and requests from its member, Facebook is finally working on a Dislike button. But it's not what you think it is. Will you dislike it?

Wearable Technology: Changing the Lives of the Disabled

For much of her life, Yvonee Felix, 34, has lived with a blind spot that covers 98 per cent of her field of vision. But by using a pair of high-tech electronic glasses, much of her sight has now been restored—almost magically. See the light here.

Your Brain as a Weapon

The same brain-scanning machines that diagnose Alzheimer’s or autism could potentially be used to read someone’s private thoughts, or to direct mind-altered soldiers to engage in life-endangering missions. What’s the 21st century’s next battleground? Your brain.

A Robot is About to Steal Your Job

Google’s Eric Schmidt reveals how he sees Artificial Intelligence developing, and where it’s going next. He also includes a way to check how likely it is that a robot will replace you and your job. Get intelligent here.

Twitter's Been Reading Your Private Messages

Twitter could face a class-action lawsuit over complaints that it’s been "intercepting, reading and altering" messages on its service. Is what we’re tweeting so interesting? Get the tweet-storm here.


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