Ugly Kids and Start-Ups

By Ben Schott, on Friday, May 2, 2014

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This Week’s Best Reading

OurCrowd Raises $25M Series B

Equity Crowdfunding continues to sizzle. This week, global platform OurCrowd, reeled in $25 million in funding. That’s the sector’s biggest funding event, ever. Read more here.

Cisco to Invest $150M in 'Internet of Things' Start-Ups

Networking giant Cisco Systems announced it will invest $150 million into early-stage companies. Its goal? To foster and benefit from disruptive technology. Get the story here.

Some Reflections on VC Investment Decisions

Top-tier VC, Mark Suster, posted an awesome list of lessons based on his investment career. These lessons would make anyone a better investor.

Y Combinator Announces Biotech Experiments

The cost of launching a consumer technology start-up has never been lower. Now, start-up accelerator Y Combinator believes they can help biotech start-ups launch on shoestring. Will it work, or is this experiment DOA?

Crowdfunding Enters Lucrative World of Auto Finance

Crowdfunding has already changed the way entrepreneurs raise money for a new business. Now it’s about to change how cars are financed. Vroom vroom.

Why Fraudsters Won't Sink Equity Crowdfunding

Some folks fear that opening up equity crowdfunding to unaccredited investors will result in rampant fraud. “No way,” say the experts. “The crowd is smarter than that.” Read more here.

“Ugly” Kids and Start-Ups

Everyone thinks their kid is amazing, a wonderful new addition to the world. Start-up founders are the same way. “My start-up is awesome, man,” they say. “You’re gonna love it! It’s like insta-tumbler meets mysquare.” See why, if corporations are people, then start-ups are children.

Finally, Someone Is Disrupting The Towel

Showering is great. I’m a big fan. But drying off? Ugh, so lame! All that toweling is enough to make you need another shower. Am I right? A new startup called The Body Dryer seems to agree. They’ve created a device to let you skip the towel and get a better dry. Check it out.

Happy Second Anniversary JOBS Act

Since the JOBS Act passed two years ago, $393 million has been raised through equity crowdfunding. Experts say that number is on track to double this year. Read about it here.

SEC Chair Talks JOBS Act, Crowdfunding

SEC Commission Chair Mary Jo White travelled to Capital Hill this week to deliver some fresh quotes about investor protections and credibility. Full transcript here.

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