VCs Are Failed Academics, Entrepreneurs Are Crazy

By Crowdability, on Friday, March 20, 2015

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This Week’s Best Reading

Gobble Gobble

Tech giants from Asia are gobbling up huge chunks of Silicon Valley's hottest new start-ups. How will this flood of capital impact start-up valuations for you?

A Winning IPO?

In pre-IPO news, venture capitalist Paul Bennetts dove deep into Etsy’s S-1 filing. What did he learn? How this e-commerce giant built its business foundation on free traffic and a loyal clientele.

Online Lenders: Kicking A** And Lending Cash

For many small businesses, it’s incredibly challenging to get the funding they need to succeed. Especially if they go the traditional route... 

Everything’s Big in Texas

Silicon Valley can be an insanely expensive place for an entrepreneur to launch a new company. Now Austin is emerging as a viable alternative. But can Austin hack it?

VCs Are ‘Failed Academics,’ Entrepreneurs Are Crazy

It’s the most entertaining game for the whole family since The Family Feud! Check out “What Google Thinks” here.

Hal, Is That You?

In the wake of the Sony hacking scandal, concerns about Cyber Security are at an all-time high. That's good news for security startups like Darktrace – a new technology that's spookily self-aware.

Bitcoin Keeps Kicking

An obscure Bitcoin startup just raised 116 million dollars... and re-started the conversation about the digital currency's viability.

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