[Video] Terrifying Footage of Tesla’s Self-Driving Car

By Crowdability, on Friday, October 23, 2015

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Russia Prepares to Cut Itself Off

Russia recently attempted to remove itself from the Internet. What sort of monkey business is Putin up to now? Experts say he’s preparing for an information blackout in case of a domestic political crisis. Get this info while you can.

Countdown to Solar in 3…2…1

Ray Kurzweil, a technologist and futurist who has an unusual habit of getting his predictions right, says solar energy is less than 14 years away from meeting 100% of our energy needs. Here comes the sun.

“Where We're Going, We Don't Need Roads…”

Tuesday was “Back to the Future Day,” the date Marty and Doc landed in the future in the time-hopping adventure movie. Watching the film 26 years after its release, it's amazing to note how many tech trends it predicted accurately—and how many it got mind-bendingly wrong. See the scorecard here.

Telescope Spots Alien Mega-Structure

Jason Wright, an astronomer and seemingly non-crazy person, says that the unusual collection of structures orbiting a star called “KIC 8462852” may have been built by aliens. Such systems, known as Dyson spheres, have been talked about for decades as potential energy sources for advanced civilizations. Now that’s far out.

[Video] Terrifying Footage of Tesla’s Self-Driving Car

A recent video from a Tesla owner shows his car using the latest “Autopilot” software. It’s smooth sailing—until the car swerves violently into oncoming traffic. Keep your hand on the wheel.


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