"Where should we send your money?"

By Wayne Mulligan, on Thursday, September 2, 2021

Matt and I received an exciting email recently…

Basically, it said:

We’d like to send you some money. Where should we send it?”

The thing is, we weren’t the only ones to get this email. Hundreds of other Crowdability readers likely received one that was similar — maybe you were one of them.

If you were, maybe you thought it was a scam.

But that’s not the case here at all. Let me explain…

Crypto Insider

A few years back, Matt and I launched a premium research service here at Crowdability.

It was called Crypto Insider.

Its goal was to help individual investors navigate the world of crypto investing.

More specifically, the service focused on providing research and investment ideas around tiny “alt coins.”

You see, at the time, Bitcoin and Ethereum were trading at all-time highs. And we believed that, if investors wanted the chance to earn explosive gains, they had to find crypto alternatives that were smaller and earlier-stage — the “next Bitcoin,” if you will.

Laser Focused

Crypto Insider turned out to be very successful. But ultimately, we decided to shut it down.

At the time, our company was still quite small. And Matt and I felt we were spreading ourselves a bit too thin.

We decided that, to deliver the most value to our readers, we wanted to spend the vast majority of our time focusing on the startup and private equity markets.

Which brings me back to the email I mentioned at the beginning of today’s essay…

100% Return

One of the recommendations we made in Crypto Insider was for a crypto company called DoraHacks.

DoraHacks helps big enterprises recruit top tech talent.

The company had already made a tremendous amount of progress, and it was targeting two hot sectors: online recruiting and cryptocurrencies.

Fast forward to today — and because the company has done so well, it’s decided to reward its early investors by buying out their stakes for double the price they paid.

And that’s why we received that email a couple of weeks ago…

DoraHacks was asking where they should send our profits!

An Important Conversation

A number of our Crypto Insider members received the same email…

And many reached out to us to say “thank you” for the triple-digit gain.

But many others reached out with a complaint:

They were upset we’d shut down Crypto Insider!

You see, DoraHacks wasn’t our only “winner”…

We also recommended cryptos like BAT (we recommended it at 30 cents, and it eventually hit a high of about $1.50, for a 5-bagger)…

And cryptos like Theta (we recommended it at 13 cents, and it eventually hit a high of $14, for a 100-bagger).

Well, now that the crypto market has become “hot” again, our old Crypto Insider members were once again requesting our help with research and trading ideas.

So our team has been talking it over. We’re far bigger today, and now we have the resources to hire the very best crypto researchers and traders. But still, before we created a new service, we decided that we need more data from our readers.

And that’s why I’d like to ask you for a quick favor today…

I’d like you to click here and answer a couple of quick questions for us

Matt and I would like to see how many of you are truly interested in the crypto markets…

And more specifically, what crypto assets you’re most interested in.

Again, it should only take about 60 seconds. And in the coming months, it could potentially help us put even more profit-generating ideas in front of you!

Click here to give us your answers now »

Best Regards,
Wayne Mulligan
Wayne Mulligan


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