Why You Should Invest in "Head-Scratchers"

By Ben Schott, on Friday, September 19, 2014

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This Week’s Best Reading

Why Peter Thiel is Dead Wrong About Monopolies

In his new book, PayPal founder and early Facebook investor Peter Thiel writes that "competition is for losers," and that monopolies are good for society. Begging to differ, a super smart guy chops him down a notch. Dive into the debate here.

3 Reasons We're Absolutely in a Bubble (And 3 Reasons We're Not)

Is this a tech bubble? Here are both sides of the coin – told with complete conviction by the very same person. Check out the post here.

Are Entrepreneurs Psychopaths?

Turning a start-up into a real-life business isn't for the faint of heart. What kind of person is most likely to pull it off? This explains everything. 

Microventures Hits $50 Million Milestone

MicroVentures, an equity crowdfunding platform that we cover here at Crowdability, reports that they’ve raised more than $50 million for their portfolio companies. Read more here.

"36 Mistakes that Killed My Start-Up"

We all love hearing about start-ups that succeed. But often it's the ones that failed that can teach us the most. Here's a candid breakdown from an entrepreneur about what led his to fail.

P2P Lending Taking Over in China

Did you know that China is the largest peer-to-peer lending market in the world? See how it’s transforming the banking industry, and what it portends for the U.S.

Why You Should Invest in "Head-Scratchers"

When legendary venture capitalist Fred Wilson first invested in Twitter, a lot of smart people were scratching their heads. But as it turns out, if people aren’t questioning your judgment, you might not be investing in big enough ideas.

The Exit: What Every Start-Up Founder Should Know

If you’re a founder who’s hoping to sell his company to Apple or Google and then get a shiny new “Vice President” badge, please read this carefully.

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Ben Schott


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