You'll Never Guess Who the Biggest Arms Dealer in the World Is

By Matthew Milner, on Friday, August 26, 2016

This Girl Will Go Far—Really Far

36,000 feet in the air, halfway from Dubai to Manila, a baby girl named Haven was born on a plane. As a birthday present, the airline gave her a million air miles. Oh, so that’s how you get so many miles »

Buying Apple Stock Is a Better Idea Than Having A Kid

If you go to a special website and plug in how much you spent educating one of your kids instead of investing in Apple, you can determine the opportunity cost for bringing another life into this world. This author’s price tag? $23 million »

The Top 20 CEOs with Bigger Parachutes Than Marissa Mayer

Now I feel badly for her. As it turns out, the payday of Yahoo’s chief executive ranks 54th among 468 S&P 500 CEOs who have “change-in-control” agreements in their contracts. Can you guess who stands to make $350 million?

Did Apple Steal the Idea for iTunes?

These guys hold a patent for a system of selling downloadable content over the Internet. And they’ve been fighting for decades to prove that Apple infringed on it. Are they close to getting what’s theirs?

You'll Never Guess Who the Biggest Arms Dealer in the World Is

With a single deal, two stoners from Miami Beach turned themselves into history’s least likely merchants of death. This you have to read to believe »

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Matthew Milner


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