Micro-Caps: The Perfect Crisis Investment

Have you ever noticed that something strange happens when a crisis strikes? Investors panic — and then, in a flight to safety, they abandon proven investment strategies. As Wayne explained last week, this knee-jerk reaction (“go to cash now, ask questions later!”) can be brutally destructive to your portfolio. As…

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The Perfect Time for Massive Gains

We’ve recently experienced one of the biggest stock market rallies in years… After bouncing off its March lows, the S&P has now spiked by more than 40%. However, many believe the current crisis we’re in is far from over… For example, RBC’s Chief Equity Strategist believes current valuations are “frightening,”…

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One Simple Trick for Making a Fortune During a Crisis

Yesterday, Matt showed you how we helped our readers navigate the first few months of the coronavirus crisis. Specifically, he showed you a few of the investment recommendations that our colleague Lou Basenese made in March. You see, as it turns out, all nine of Lou’s picks have been winners:…

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Punched in the Face with 81% Profits

“Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth,” according to boxing legend Mike Tyson. I wouldn’t last 10 seconds in the ring with Tyson. But in the markets, I could kick his butt. You see, when it comes to investing, I want to get punched in the…

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How to Own Every "Hot IPO" For Less Than $50

I recently shared a strategy to profit from a corner of the market traditionally reserved for Wall Street’s elite: Initial Public Offerings, or IPOs. My strategy doesn’t involve begging your broker for IPO shares like an incessant teenager. Instead, it involves a five-pronged approach to uncover overlooked and undervalued opportunities…

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Facebook: A Great "Short" Opportunity?

If you remember nothing else today, remember this: Facebook (FB) doesn’t give a darn about its 2.5 billion users… All it cares about is advertising revenue. Harsh, I know. But on Wall Street, money talks. Or as famed economist Milton Friedman put it, “The social responsibility of business is to…

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The #1 Reason "Robinhooders" Are Making Money

Wait a minute… what was that? Was it the “sign” that this bull run is finally over? Stocks have rallied 40%+ from their coronavirus-bottom in March… And meanwhile, a band of gunslinging day-traders are bidding up shares of bankrupt — yes bankrupt — Hertz Global Holdings (HTZ) by more than 500%. This…

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Five Ways to Invest in the Contactless Payment Boom

Yesterday, I was interviewed on the TD Ameritrade Network to talk about a major new trend: The surge in “contactless payments” that’s occurring because of Covid-19. For example, Mastercard (MA) recently reported a 40% uptick in contactless payment volume. This is no surprise to us. As you might recall, I…

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Don't Fall For This Stock Market "Head Fake"

As I write these words, a certain market sector is surging: I’m referring to Travel — which includes airlines, hotels, and cruise companies. Just look at Norwegian Cruise Line (NCLH). Since last week, its shares have surged 55%. But why? After all, its ships won’t be sailing with paying customers…

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