Beginning (or the End) of the "Tech Boom"?

Editor's Note: On Tuesday, we introduced you to Crowdability's newest contributor: Lou Basenese. Lou is one of the most well-respected analysts in the country. His research is covered regularly by the likes of CNBC, Forbes, and Fox Business. He's known for making bold predictions about major technology trends — and…

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The Beginning or the End of the "Tech Boom"?

Tech stock profits are over. Or at least, that’s what the mainstream media would have you believe. Thanks to the awful performance of recent tech IPOs, the media has issued an obituary for the entire sector. Many “experts” are advising investors to dump tech stocks and hide their heads in…

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How to Receive Free Crypto — Every Week!

Imagine going to sleep at night — and waking up the next morning to find free crypto coins sitting in your account. Your new coins are worth tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars, and you can do anything you want with them. You pinch yourself to see if you’re…

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Crypto discovery of a lifetime…

Yesterday, Matt told you about a discovery we recently made. It involves a closely guarded secret in the crypto markets — something we’re calling “The Shadow Market.” This is unlike anything we’ve seen before. You see, this underground market is consistently helping a small group of “crypto insiders” earn enormous…

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EXPOSED: Crypto "Shadow Market"

Most investors have been singing the “crypto blues” lately, but not us. You see, after a far-reaching investigation — one that took us around the world and lasted months — we discovered an extraordinary strategy for investing in crypto-currencies. And by using this strategy, we’ve been able to make a series…

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3 Secrets to Profit from Crashing Cryptos

There’s no sugarcoating it: The crypto market has been dropping like a rock. And as Matt explained yesterday, even though the fundamentals behind cryptos are actually getting stronger, this bear market could linger for quite some time. But here’s the thing: You can still make money in a bear market!…

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Cryptos Set for Comeback this Year?

One of the most hated assets in the world right now is crypto-currencies — and with good reason: Over the past 18 months or so, the crypto market has collapsed by 80% or more. But surprisingly, a group of “insiders” is still pouring money into this market. Are they blindly…

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Trump Set to Ignite Crypto Bull Market?

Whatever you think about our current administration, one thing is sure: President Trump is certainly taking an active role in American business activities! From his trade war with China to his public pleas to the Fed to lower interest rates, Trump is doing everything in his power to support big…

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All Signs Point to Market Meltdown

I hate to say “I told you so,” especially in a situation like this… But as I explained last week, one of our key market indicators recently flashed red. Then, yesterday, the Dow crashed 800 points. It was its worst day of the year. And the scary part is, this…

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Three Simple Ways To Profit from the Fed Rate Cuts

Last Wednesday, I explained why the stock market would inevitably crash… And I showed you a simple strategy that could help you protect your money. Well, since I wrote those words, unfortunately, things have unfolded as expected: The Fed lowered rates… and the market has dropped by about 5%. But…

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