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Do These People Look Familiar to You?

How to Get Your Hands on a Free Tesla In the next 90 seconds, you could be behind the wheel of a Tesla Model X. There’s just one catch. Find out more here » A Fun, Safe Way to Be with Your Loved Ones for the Holidays A Texas couple…

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Alexa Wants To See You in the Shower

You Could Save Lives… By Being Spied On Researchers at MIT believe your smartphone holds the key to stopping the spread of infectious disease. You just need to give up your privacy. Are you willing? » #1 Way To Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions Researchers recently studied 23 techniques designed…

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New Test Can Pinpoint How Long You'll Live

"Alexa, Is My Husband Having an Affair?" If you suspect that your husband or wife might be straying, there’s no need to go snooping. Just ask Alexa » Pictures Reveal Russia’s Secret “Mach 7” Spacecraft News agency RIA Novosti just published images of a hypersonic Russian spacecraft that can reportedly travel…

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Cure for Cancer Discovered in the Holy Land

New Laser Can Deliver Secret Messages Using cell phones to communicate is so old fashioned. Instead, try out MIT’s new laser system: now, secret messages can be delivered directly into your ears. See how it works » Get Paid To Use Facebook Some consumers are getting paid by Facebook to…

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