Claim Your Stake in the "Red Bull of Marijuana"

In 1976, a man in Thailand named Chaleo Yoovidhya developed a new type of drink. Containing caffeine, sugar, and a protein called taurine, it quickly became popular among truck drivers and laborers in need of an energy boost. A few years later, an Austrian named Dietrich Mateschitz travelled to Thailand for…

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$500 Billion in Pot Profits… With Less Risk

What would you guess is the fastest-growing sector today? Artificial intelligence? 5G? Cannabis? Cloud computing? If you guessed cannabis, you’d be right. As The New York Times recently reported, it’s the “fastest-growing industry in America.” By next year, analysts predict the U.S. cannabis market could be worth $22 billion —…

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Robots Could Overthrow the President

A Phone Case Made from… Skin It looks like skin. It feels like skin. It even “responds” to tickling and pinching. This is definitely the weirdest cell phone case we’ve ever seen » NASA Reveals Date for Life on Mars NASA just announced the date that humans will land on…

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Three Startups To Invest in Today

The winter holidays are approaching… Which means it’s almost time to watch my favorite Christmas movie, It’s a Wonderful Life. In the movie, the film’s main character, George Bailey, takes over a struggling community bank and bails it out of some sticky situations. Well, as it turns out, banks are…

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Turn a Massive Loss into a 26,000% Profit

An investor in Asia just gained control of a massive American startup… And it’s not happy about it. You see, despite pumping more than $10 billion into this startup over the last few years, this investor just saw the startup’s value crash by 80%. Meanwhile, a different group of investors…

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855% Gain in 3D Printing

By the time you read about a “new trend” in The Wall Street Journal, you’ve probably already missed it. That’s why, to identify the most profitable new investment opportunities, I focus on sources that are off the beaten path. Perhaps surprisingly, one of these sources can literally help you see the future. I’ve…

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A Big Internet Company Might Owe You $358

High-Flying Airbnb: The Goodyear Blimp This might be the coolest Airbnb you’ve ever seen — as long as you’re not afraid of heights. Get the scoop here » Google’s (Not-So-Secret) Plan to Spy on You Google just unveiled a new line of products that offer “Ambient computing” — the ability…

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Our No. 1 Trade for 2020

Yesterday, Matt told you about our plans to help you avert the looming retirement crisis. As he explained, we’ve spent years tracking a major trend in the tech sector. And now this trend is finally taking shape. This is creating an unprecedented wealth-building opportunity. In fact, you could earn so…

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We've waited 4 years to share this with you…

In his article yesterday, Lou walked you through a new threat to your retirement: The U.S. Treasury just created a policy that could cut your savings in half. That means your nest egg will only last half as long as you were expecting it to. If you’re close to retirement,…

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This Is Your Retirement… Cut in Half

The jig is up. For the last couple of weeks, we've been warning you about the risks you're facing as you approach retirement. As we’ve been explaining, not only are most Americans completely unprepared, but government “safety nets" like social security can no longer be counted on. Then, last week,…

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