10%+ Yields w/ The "Private Portfolio Makeover"

As Matt explained yesterday, we’re doing something special over the next couple of weeks: We’re showing you how to stay sane during this extreme market volatility… While at the same time, showing you how to increase your overall returns! It’s all thanks to a new project we’re calling The Private…

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10x Your Returns with the "Private Portfolio Makeover"

My head is spinning… A few months ago, the Dow crashed to about 18,000. “The world is ending!” Last Monday, it reached 27,000, a 50% gain. “The recovery is in full swing!” Last Thursday, it dropped 2,000 points. “The sky is falling!” What happens next? No one knows. But one…

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Five Ways to Invest in the Contactless Payment Boom

Yesterday, I was interviewed on the TD Ameritrade Network to talk about a major new trend: The surge in “contactless payments” that’s occurring because of Covid-19. For example, Mastercard (MA) recently reported a 40% uptick in contactless payment volume. This is no surprise to us. As you might recall, I…

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Silicon Valley on the Verge of Collapse

Bitcoin Goes to Hollywood Bitcoin’s earliest backers have become insanely wealthy. Now a movie is coming out to tell their tale. Get the scoop » Man Finds Buried Treasure After 10 years, the search for a hidden treasure chest is finally over. See what was inside » These Tattoos Can…

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The "Albert Einstein" Portfolio

It’s one of the most powerful forces in investing. Warren Buffett regularly cites it as the key to his $76 billion fortune… And Albert Einstein himself reportedly said it’s “the eighth wonder of the world.” I’m referring to an investing concept known as compound interest. And today, I’ll show you…

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Can Chaos Lead You to 1,250% Profits?

Having a sense of security is priceless. But nowadays, that sense can be hard to come by. The world is chaotic today. Tens of millions of people are out of work. Crime is spiking. Unrest is rising. But hidden amidst this chaos are opportunities. It all starts with helping people…

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Don't Fall For This Stock Market "Head Fake"

As I write these words, a certain market sector is surging: I’m referring to Travel — which includes airlines, hotels, and cruise companies. Just look at Norwegian Cruise Line (NCLH). Since last week, its shares have surged 55%. But why? After all, its ships won’t be sailing with paying customers…

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How to Get Apple to Send You $100,000

Ancient Worshippers Caught Getting High Archaeologists in Israel just discovered traces of cannabis on a 2,700-year-old altar. But were they really smoking pot at this shrine? Read more here » This Hospital is Live-Streaming Surgeries If you ever go in for surgery, be advised: your doctor might not be the…

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Investors Swimming Naked

Warren Buffett often shares this pearl of wisdom: “You only find out who is swimming naked when the tide goes out.” Meaning, you don’t really know how well or how poorly a company is doing until it’s faced with a major challenge. Well, given the challenges the world is facing…

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