95% of Takeover Deals Have This in Common

Startup investors made a fortune last month. To get things rolling, Uber bought Postmates for $2.6 billion. That handed early investors an estimated 520x their money. The profits continued when solar-company Sunrun bought Vivint for $1.5 billion… And when Lululemon bought home-fitness startup Mirror for $500 million. Welcome to the…

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Is Big Tech About to Crash?

In early 2015 — three years before it happened — I predicted Apple (AAPL) would become the first trillion-dollar market cap company. Fast-forward to a few days ago… and Apple hit the record books as the first two trillion-dollar company, which I’d also predicted. Meanwhile, other tech giants like Microsoft…

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The Secret iPod Apple Made for the Gov't

Speakeasies are Back! During Prohibition, underground bars allowed people to secretly enjoy a cocktail. These days, a new kind of speakeasy is popping up — but it’s not the beverages patrons are after. It’s this » The World’s Most Expensive Face Mask If face masks are going to be a…

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3 Startup Profit Secrets from Peter Lynch

The paperback book came flying at me like a drunk bird. It hit my chest and dropped to my lap. “Read it,” said the short-tempered money manager (and book-thrower) who’d been interviewing me for a job on Wall Street. “Then we’ll talk.” So I read the book. And a few…

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Jeff Bezos: Giving Money Away?

You probably know who Jeff Bezos is. He’s the founder of Amazon.com. And with a net worth of $188 billion, he’s the richest man in the world. The thing is, we’ve found a way to take some cash out of his bank account... And put it into yours! “Hey Jeff,…

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One Giant Step For Internet-Kind

Back in May, I put an extraterrestrial investment opportunity on your radar — satellite-based internet. You’ll recall, this is a potential $1 trillion market that involves putting “low earth satellites” the size of refrigerators into orbit. Once they’re in orbit, they can beam ultra-fast internet to connected cars, smartphones, and billions of…

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Inside One of the CIA's Most Daring Missions

This Abandoned Car Sold for Nearly $1 Million A couple paid $100 for an abandoned car they found in a storage unit. Then Elon Musk bought it from them — for nearly $1 million. Here’s why » You’ve Never Seen an Airbnb Like This Someone decided to transform the last remaining…

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Introducing: The Lifetime Income Card

With negotiations for a coronavirus stimulus package still deadlocked in Congress… Many Americans have high hopes for Trump’s “executive order.” Could this order put some quick money in your pocket? Today I’ll answer that question for you. Then I’ll introduce you to an alternative solution… As you’ll learn, this alternative…

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Monthly Income… for LIFE!?

Will the U.S. government come to the rescue with a new stimulus package? Is the check in the mail? As Wayne and I explained last week, Congress has been trying to pass a relief package. Unfortunately, negotiations are still deadlocked. So today, I’ll introduce you to a different way to…

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My Trend Trade of the Decade

I first started doing research on cybersecurity five years ago. And every year since, I’ve become more and more convinced about a simple fact: Without adequate cybersecurity, our world is doomed. Think about it: Our world is quickly becoming entirely digital and internet connected. Nearly 90% of business assets are…

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