A Profit "Time Machine"?

Imagine being able to hop into a time machine and head back to 1996, the dawn of the Internet. You’d be able to pick up Apple stock when it was trading at just $0.25 a share… Or shares of Amazon when it was trading at just $1.50 a share. That…

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Don't Invest in This Startup!

What the heck happened to Quibi? Once upon a time, Quibi was a streaming startup with all the makings of a homerun: A name-brand founder (Hollywood mogul Jeffrey Katzenberg). A proven CEO (Meg Whitman, the former CEO of PayPal and Hewlett Packard). And plenty of cash ($1.8 billion in funding).…

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[Video] Using "Moneyball" To Win in Vegas & The Markets

Last week, I introduced you to Andrew Zatlin, known for being Bloomberg’s #1 Jobs Forecaster. As I explained, Wayne and I believe Andrew has a unique view into the markets. And we believe that his "Moneyball" approach to investing can help us — and help you — make money. That's…

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Scientists Create New Dog Breed

Cyber Criminals’ New Favorite Target People say “old folks” are too naive, and too susceptible to online scams. But the FBI says old folks are doing just fine. Instead, it’s this other group that’s a problem » Ready to Bank with Walmart? Traditional banks were already facing intense competition from…

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Hate Your Cable Company? Meet the Upcoming Competition…

Some of America’s “Most Hated” companies could soon be in for a shock. You see, these companies are at risk of their businesses evaporating overnight — and watching helplessly as billions of dollars in market value goes right down the tubes. And while that’s certainly bad news for them… As…

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Bloomberg's No. 1 Forecaster Reveals Exactly What To Do Now

Ever see the movie Moneyball starring Brad Pitt? It’s based on the true story of Billy Beane, the Oakland A’s longtime manager. Basically, Beane rejected all the conventional wisdom about how to build a winning baseball team. Instead, he tried a new approach using data and statistics — and that’s…

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Why Are Kids Faking Positive Covid-19 Tests?

Zoom Was Naughty — Now It Might Owe You Money Zoom’s popularity skyrocketed last year. But as it turns out, the company wasn’t being a good citizen. And now, to make things right, it might need to put some money in your pocket. Get the scoop » The Startup that Could Beat…

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Make 5.9x Your Money… Without Touching Stocks

Here at Crowdability, Matt and I like to keep a low profile. For the last seven years, we’ve quietly been teaching ordinary investors like you how to make a fortune by investing in startups. Sure, professional venture capitalists in Silicon Valley might not like that we’re encroaching on their turf. But since…

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3 Strikes — And Stocks Are Out!

When Maximilian Kunkel talks, it pays to listen. Kunkel is a Chief Investment Officer for UBS, the largest private bank in the world. Founded in 1862 and based in Switzerland, UBS manages $3.2 trillion for some of the wealthiest families in the world — including about half the world’s billionaires.…

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Why Does this Perfume Smell Like Gas?

Take a Look at these Pandemic Tattoos 2020 was a historic year. Perhaps that’s why so many people are getting something special to remember everything that happened. Get the scoop » This MIT Robot Will Get You Dressed in the Morning Sometimes, even everyday tasks like getting dressed can be…

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