100 Pre-IPO Investments, 1 Click

Wayne recently shared a great real-world story… It was about private investors trouncing public investors on the same investment: Investors who bought shares of ReWalk Robotics (NASDAQ: RWLK) at the IPO made 116%. But investors who got in before the IPO made 381%. In another story that might sound familiar, public investors in Facebook lost money…

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Shark Attack: Is Your Money Safe?

In the late 90’s, Americans became more entertained by the stock market than by major league sports. By combining money with entertainment, CNBC’s financial shows started attracting more viewers than ratings-heavyweight ESPN. As millions of investors tuned in to watch personalities like Jim Cramer weigh in on specific stocks, trading activity among individual…

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The Only Proven Rule For Profits

Tech investors are minting money right now… Especially the ones who invest in private start-ups: In 2014 alone, acquisitions have netted them more than $100 billion. With tech M&A running at its highest level since 2000, you might think you can blindly bet on any company, at any price, and make money. Think again.…

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Turning "Special Weapons" Into Profits

Editor's Note: Thanks for your overwhelming response to our guest writer, Louis Basenese, the founder of Disruptive Tech Research. Here’s a second article from Lou. Enjoy. Way back in my youth, I ran a sub 5-minute mile. Sure, at 4 minutes, 59 seconds, I cut it pretty close… But fast-forward 20 years,…

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New Oil & Gas Deal: 920% Returns?

Investment opportunities in crowdfunding are rapidly evolving: Initially, we showed you how to invest in start-ups for capital appreciation. Then we showed you how to invest in Real Estate and “Peer-to-Peer” loans to earn yield. Today we’re going to show you a new type of crowdfunded opportunity: Crowdfunded Oil & Gas Projects. The specific deal we’ll share today…

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The Dawn of Publicly Traded Startups

Editor's Note: We had an overwhelming response to last week’s interview with Lou Basenese, where we discussed a type of start-up that’s publicly traded. So we called Lou, the founder of Disruptive Tech Research, and asked him to put together a few more articles for you. Here’s the first one. Enjoy. Last week, I…

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