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[Video] Don't Check into a Hotel 'Til You've Seen This

Florida To Release 750 Million Mosquitoes Florida just approved a controversial plan to release nearly a billion gene-hacked mosquitoes. Some are calling it a “Jurassic Park experiment.” See for yourself » Amazon Wants to Know How Much You Weigh The market for smart wearables is dominated by Apple and Fitbit.…

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Damaging Details Released About NSA Spy Tool

Enjoy Any Food You Want, Guilt-Free Imagine enjoying juicy cheeseburgers, salty French fries, and sweet chocolate milkshakes — all without putting on a single pound. It’s possible. Click here to find out how » Are Amazon’s Days Numbered? Facebook’s latest product, “Shops,” was just released to rave reviews. In fact,…

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Wish You Were Taller? This Procedure Will Help

“Alexa, Stop Eavesdropping on Me” Ever get paranoid that Alexa is listening to a sensitive conversation you’re having? Worry no more. Just slip on this “Bracelet of Silence.” Learn more here » Amazon Starts Selling Actual Trash Buyer beware. That “brand new” item you found on Amazon might have come…

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U.S. Gov't Might Let You Hunt Criminals

Amazon Unleashing “Global Surveillance” Operation Amazon will soon be delivering packages to you using its fleet of drones. But these drones will also be used for something else — something scary. Learn more here » CNBC Report: Smartphone Use Linked to Horn Growth A bizarre finding by researchers sounds like…

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Buy These Homes in Southern Sicily for $1

You’re Asleep… So Why Is Your Phone So Busy? It’s 3 a.m. You’re fast asleep. But your smartphone is communicating with people all over the world. Who’s it talking to? Find out here » The World’s Most Addicting Video Game Turns 35 It seems like such a boring idea for…

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Amazon Will Give You $25 for Your Body

Can You Tell a Fashion Model from a Robot? Two women in this photo are glamorous fashion models. The other is a robot. Can you tell which is which? It’s tougher than you think » This Virus-Infected Laptop Sold for $1.3 Million Someone just dropped $1.3 million on a laptop…

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WARNING: Do NOT Accept this "Friend Request"

Take a Swig of this 220-Year-Old Beer It took more than two centuries, but a group of monks has resurrected a very special beer recipe. Drink it up right here » Amazon for Millionaires Luxury sports cars. Diamond necklaces. Trips to private islands. A new website caters to the world’s…

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Scientists Rediscover How to Cheat Death

This “Fake” Rock Star Fills the Biggest Venues Last week, fans came out in droves to listen to a singer named Luo Tianyi perform on stage. Tianyi is a rising star. Perhaps surprisingly, she’s not even real » These Five-Star Chefs Will Come to Your Kitchen Forget about slaving away…

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Amazon Is for Sale

The Latest Craze in Romance: Refriger-Dating A new dating app sends you "matches" based on the contents of their fridge. Huh, so it really is what's on the inside that counts. Get the scoop here » Google Owes You Money Every day, just by surfing the Internet, you give away…

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