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Easy 100% Profits Thanks to Apple's New iCar

11-Year-Old Girl Rigs Election Results It took an 11-year-old girl named Audrey just 10 minutes to hack into Florida’s “secure” website and change the election results. Could rigging a Presidential election be just as easy? Find out how she pulled it off » This Spider Can Perform Surgery on You…

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Breakthrough: Reverse Diabetes With This One Pill

Crime-Fighting Drone Is Unleashed   Thanks to this special drone, the crime rate in a Mexican city called Ensenada dropped 10%. Could the U.S. be the next country to harness its powers? Find out here » Don’t Book Your Vacation Before Reading This Bloomberg just released its rankings of the…

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Apple Warns Users: "Don’t Use Your iPhone"

This iPhone Case Is A Weapons Defense System Phone covers can help protect your device if you drop it. But a new start-up is taking things a step further: it’s created a case with sonar technology — and it could save your life » This State Will Pay You $10,000…

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Breakthrough: Take One Pill, Never Exercise Again

This Burger Flipper Charges $60,000 For decades, flipping burgers at the local fast food joint has been a classic minimum-wage job. So why is this $60,000 burger flipper in such high demand? » [VIDEO] Rubik’s Cube Solved in Under One Second I can solve a Rubik’s Cube in about a…

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Warning: This TV Show Could Literally Kill You

Mysterious Signals From Space Scientists recently picked up on a series of mysterious “fast radio bursts” from outer space. Now, according to the Washington Post, astronomers have tracked them to a dwarf galaxy nearly three billion light years away. What exactly is out there? » Machines 1; Humans 0 In…

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Assess Your Risk for Alzheimer's

Apple Caught Helping Red Sox Cheat The Yankees have accused The Red Sox of “stealing signs” during a recent game. This is a big deal. “Signs” are the hand signals that tell players when to steal bases or what pitches to throw — and “stealing” them can be very naughty.…

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My No. 1 Trick To Predict the Future

There’s no chance [this device] is going to get any significant market share. — Steve Ballmer, Microsoft’s ex-CEO There is nothing revolutionary or disruptive about this technology. — Padmasree Warrior, Motorola CTO I don’t think [this device] is something that would… necessitate us changing our thinking. — Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo, Nokia CEO Can you…

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My stupid mistake could mean big gains for you...

I’d like to think I’m an intelligent person… But more often than I’d care to admit, I do some really stupid stuff. Today, I want to tell you about one of the stupidest things I’ve done recently. Although it caused me a ton of stress… It could help you make…

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Health Danger Alert: Virtual Reality

This Start-Up Can Control Your Dreams Five years ago, a young man dropped out of a Ph.D. program and created a sophisticated device that you wear while you sleep. The device, which costs $300, claims it can help you to take control of your dreams » Use This Site To…

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