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They're Spying on Your Children

Get There Fast on this Underwater Train Do you hate the gridlock during rush hour? We've got you covered. With this high-speed train, the only things around you are swimming. Check it out » You Choose: A Christmas Sweater… or a Trip to Space? Sure, you could give your loved one a…

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Breakthrough: Reverse Diabetes With This One Pill

Crime-Fighting Drone Is Unleashed   Thanks to this special drone, the crime rate in a Mexican city called Ensenada dropped 10%. Could the U.S. be the next country to harness its powers? Find out here » Don’t Book Your Vacation Before Reading This Bloomberg just released its rankings of the…

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Could Meta Be a Game Changer for 3D Printing?

Once or twice in every generation, a new invention will change the trajectory of entire industries – the assembly line during the industrial revolution, for example, or the Internet in the ‘90s. We, and many others in the technology community, believe that “3D Printing,” or “Personal Manufacturing,” is our generation’s…

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