Printing Limbs, Printing Money

When Jeff Huber was an infant, his left leg was amputated below the knee. He’d been born with a condition called fibular hemimelia. Jeff’s 25-years-old now and wears a high-tech prosthesis on his left leg. It cost him $23,000 – too expensive for many amputees, and not the type of delicate apparatus…

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2015's Most Profitable Trend

Reflecting back on 2014, two stories stick in my head: One represents a well-worn route to riches, a route that’s losing steam. The other represents a new path to wealth – A path that’s gaining momentum. Drop in the Bucket The first story is about what happened in the market…

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Don't be Motley Fooled

"Warren Buffett Tells You How To Turn $40 Into $10 Million." You may have come across that headline recently – it’s been plastered all over thousands of websites. The advertiser? The Motley Fool. The Fool has a great track record. They’re one of our favorite financial publishers. But I’m a…

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The Only Proven Rule For Profits

Tech investors are minting money right now… Especially the ones who invest in private start-ups: In 2014 alone, acquisitions have netted them more than $100 billion. With tech M&A running at its highest level since 2000, you might think you can blindly bet on any company, at any price, and make money. Think again.…

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