Lifestyles of the Rich and Nerdy

What if you woke up tomorrow and found $10 million in your bank account? How about $100 million? How about a billion? What would you do with all that money? What’s the most outrageous thing you’d buy? Give it a think— Then you can compare it to a few over-the-top…

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Three Paths to 30-Day Profits

Once upon a time, start-up investors had to be extremely patient: After getting in on a “ground floor” investment, they’d need to wait for years and years as the start-up morphed into a real business—the kind of business that could get acquired or go public. But recently, we’ve become aware…

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Yahoo’s Loss – Your Gain!

Back in 2008, Microsoft offered to buy Yahoo for about $50 billion. Yahoo rejected the offer as being “too low.” Last week, a new deal for Yahoo came in—this time from Verizon. The deal was worth just $4.6 billion, a fraction of what Microsoft had offered. When Yahoo accepted it,…

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JP Morgan Caught Reading Crowdability

Has anyone ever “borrowed” one of your ideas and used it as their own? If I’m not mistaken, it just happened to me—and I’m thrilled. After all, isn’t imitation the sincerest form of flattery? And since it was JP Morgan doing the imitating—and since the idea it borrowed was about…

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New Report Sounds Alarm...

I just read a frightening research report. It was written by the leading research firm in the world, so it’s tough to refute. First it explains why investors like you have earned such exceptional returns over the past 30 years—then it explains why those days are over. But there’s some…

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One Thing Successful Start-ups Have in Common

Many things can help make an early-stage company successful… From creating the right product at the right time (like Uber), to creating an inspiring advertising campaign (like Apple’s “1984” commercial for the Macintosh.) But if you dig deeper, you’ll find one variable that’s always there: A successful start-up has the…

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Three Investing Myths – Debunked

When it comes to investing, we’ve been lied to for nearly a century. We’ve been told that if we take the investment path that’s “tried and true,” we’ll be able to retire comfortably, right on time. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. And today I’ll prove it to you. Myth…

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Skin in the Game

Skin in the game. Some investment newsletters have it... Other don’t. You see, while some newsletters make a big show about investing in the ideas they recommend, others insist on staying on the sidelines. For many newsletters—and for investors like you—this topic inspires great debate: Newsletters that invest could be…

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