Get Rich With Just $100?

Several weeks ago, I caught a game with some buddies at Yankee Stadium. After buying tickets, some BBQ from Brother Jimmy’s, and a few rounds of Buds, we spent about $100 each. The Yankees won and we had a blast. Back in the office early the next morning, I reviewed…

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Avoiding the "Oh, S#*t!" Investment

There’s an expression in the private markets… It’s called the “Oh, S#*t!” moment. As one prominent investor described it, “That’s when you learn all sorts of things that you wish you’d known [before] writing a company that first check.” In other words, it’s when you realize you shouldn’t have made…

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Unique System Averages 27% Gains Per Year

Last week, you saw what can happen when you invest in the right start-ups: With Elio Motors, investors made 330% in 30 days … With Zenefits, they turned $1,000 into $500,000… And with Uber, a fortunate few made 60,000% on their money—turning every $1,000 they invested into $6 million. But…

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161 "Rags to Riches" Opportunities

Do you like a good “rags to riches” story? I hope so, because today I’ve got 161 of them for you—and thanks to some recent trends in the world of start-up investing, your story could be next. Let me explain: When a start-up is just getting off the ground, it…

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Prices Down 20% - Time To Buy

Three weeks ago, I wrote to you with a bold prediction: Based on over three decades of research, I explained why right now is one of the best times to start investing in the private markets. As it turns out, we’re already seeing evidence that this prediction was accurate... Now…

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A Cure for Alzheimer's?

At 5:45 on a recent afternoon, I received an email from a friend: Matt, Here’s a deck for a company one of our biotech advisors is raising money for. Basically they looked at why all the big pharma trials failed, and they have a solution for what went wrong. Let me…

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This 51-Year-Old "Pioneer" Could Make You Rich

Fearless. That’s how I’d describe the first person to sail across the ocean… Or dive to the bottom of the sea… Or strap themselves to a rocket and launch into space. But after these pioneers returned home—not just safe and sound, but exhilarated and hailed as victors—countless others were inspired…

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Warning: Avoid This Investment Scam

Imagine waking up one morning, making a pot of coffee and checking your e-mail. You quickly notice an e-mail from one of the start-ups you invested in... Turns out it was just acquired—for $425 million! Before you even finish the e-mail, you start dreaming of all the things you’ll do…

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