How I Made a Million Dollars in Three Weeks

Made might be the wrong word here. Raised is more like it. You see, when Matt and I first launched Crowdability, we raised $1 million from investors to help grow our business. From start to finish, it took us 21 days to pull together the entire investment. Relatively speaking, that’s…

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10 Reasons You Should Ignore These Experts

Last weekend, my fiancée and I were catching up on old Shark Tank episodes. We love to watch entrepreneurs pitch their start-up ideas to “Sharks” like Mark Cuban and Barbara Corcoran. But after the Sharks said “I’m out!” to some start-ups I was bullish on—and I said “Definite pass!” to…

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The biggest thing my subscribers screw up

Every year, the journal Popular Science releases a special list… It’s a list of the 100 greatest innovations of the year—from bionic arms and pain-free dentistry, to life-saving remedies that could change our world. As I was browsing through this year’s honorees, one of them caught my eye: It was…

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How to Make Money from IPOs

Last Thursday, a tech start-up called Square (NYSE: SQ) went public. For investors who got in early, when the company was still young and private, champagne corks should have been flying— After all, Square’s IPO gave the company a value of nearly $3 billion. So why the heck were so…

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Wall Street's Latest "Shell Game"

The market’s had a great run recently: Since bottoming out in 2009, the Dow has more than doubled. To celebrate, Wall Street’s been partying like it’s 1999. But now the end is in sight. How do we know? Because you and all your friends just got invited to the party.…

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How to Turn $1,000 into $500,000

Investors in Amazon’s IPO made 250 times their money. Investors in Microsoft’s IPO did even better: They made 500 times their money. That’s like turning a thousand dollars into half a million. Unfortunately, earning returns like that from IPOs is a thing of the past. But don’t despair, because big investment returns…

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Florida man earns 25.6% a year

Think you need to be worth millions of dollars to be a successful angel investor? Think again. As we learned during our research for The Angel Initiative, some of the most successful early-stage investors are just ordinary folks. In fact, today we’ll introduce you to a regular guy who’s made a fortune.…

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At Crowdability, we often tell you about exciting start-ups that are raising capital: Some are building flying cars… Others are helping manage diseases like Parkinson’s… Still others are developing technology to put bank lenders out of business. But if you really want to be a successful angel investor – an…

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