2014 Equity Crowdfunding Toolkit

“Wow, what a year!” said my Crowdability co-founder, Matt Milner. We were sitting on an Amtrak train headed back to New York City.  We were sipping scotch and winding down after a whirlwind business trip. Matt was right – it has been a heck of a year – and we’ve…

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3 "Super Investors" to Follow for Crowdfunding Profits

Warren Buffett – renowned investor and 2nd richest man in the country after Bill Gates – once wrote an article called, “The Superinvestors of Graham & Doddsville.” With a title that sounds like a Dr. Seuss book, it rebutted a popular theory on the stock market called “efficient market theory”…

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Two "Insane" Crowdfunding Ideas

Video games that can cure cancer… Computerized contact lenses… A train that travels at the speed of sound… It’s exciting to hear about far-out ideas like these when they show up in the news. But like many “big ideas,” they can be closer to science fiction than to reality. Actually,…

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