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Warning: Profits Slashed by 87%?!

Last week, I came across a new study that could have a major impact on your profits—and not the good kind of impact. According to this report, your investment profits could get slashed by 87% (or even more) in the coming years. Today, I’ll reveal the details of this disturbing…

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The biggest thing my subscribers screw up

Every year, the journal Popular Science releases a special list… It’s a list of the 100 greatest innovations of the year—from bionic arms and pain-free dentistry, to life-saving remedies that could change our world. As I was browsing through this year’s honorees, one of them caught my eye: It was…

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128 Takeover Targets

Late last week, a Crowdability subscriber emailed me with a tough question: “How am I supposed to make money investing in private start-ups when they’re already valued at billions of dollars? How much higher can these things go?” With Pinterest recently valued at $11 billion, Airbnb at $25 billion, and…

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How To Get a 10x Return

Let’s play a quick round of “Which Investment Is Less Risky?” Here are your choices: Start-up A: 7 years in business. Millions in revenue. Current value of $10 billion. Start-up B: 1 year of business. Hardly any revenue. Current value of $1 million. OK, so which investment is less risky?…

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