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[Warning] Don't Download this "System Update"

Finally, Tech Support You Can Count on When we moved into a new place, it was a tech catastrophe. TVs needed hanging; wireless networks needed to be created; Dots and Echos and Alexas needed to be set up. Who could we call to sort everything out? Best Buy. Learn more…

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This Drug Could Help You Win the Lottery

Amazon Giving Away Free “Echo” Speakers Forget fans and mini-fridges — today’s college dorms come equipped with the latest technology gear. Warning: clicking here might make you wish you were back in college » Walmart Partners with 6-Year-Old Entrepreneur On YouTube, an entrepreneur named Ryan draws billions of views for…

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Warning: This Daily Habit Could Give You Cancer

Would You Drive Across this 3D-Printed Bridge? It spans 40 feet, is made entirely of steel, and has built-in sensors to monitor traffic in real-time. It looks amazing — but would you trust it with your life? » This Simple Device Can Save You from a Shark Attack I saw…

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The Hottest Market for M&A in 2018?

When I was growing up, my mom would wake up early to brew a big pot of coffee. She used an old-school, stove-top percolator — one of the big ones that could make about five or six cups of coffee. But here’s the thing: Because she and my dad were…

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