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Turn a $700,000 Loss into Your Gain

Last month, my friend Lou Basenese broke a story here at Trend Trader Daily… And this week, CNBC followed up with a piece that’s just as terrifying. As both articles revealed, crypto investors are seeing their portfolios evaporate into thin air: One man lost $35,000 in a single day… A…

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No. 1 Source of "Overnight" Profits

Coinbase, one of the world’s leading trading platforms for digital currencies, went public yesterday… and its early investors are thrilled. You see, even though its stock (COIN) traded down a bit, Coinbase’s earliest investors — those who got in when it was still a tiny private startup — are sitting…

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Warning: Don't Be Tempted by this $100 billion IPO

A new IPO is coming next month. It’s in one of the world’s fastest-growing sectors. It’s got an all-star team and product. And unlike most IPOs, it’s already wildly profitable. Clearly you should invest in it, right? Wrong. Today, I’ll explain why — and tell you what to do instead.…

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