How To Beat the Pros in 2017

You’re just 30 days away from being part of a major milestone: As reported in Forbes, Crowdfunding is about to be bigger than Venture Capital. As we close in on this historic event, more and more everyday investors like you are jumping into the water—and more investment opportunities are popping…

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Health Danger Alert: Virtual Reality

This Start-Up Can Control Your Dreams Five years ago, a young man dropped out of a Ph.D. program and created a sophisticated device that you wear while you sleep. The device, which costs $300, claims it can help you to take control of your dreams » Use This Site To…

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Shocking Study: Facebook Users Live Longer

Thank You, Amazon Matthew Weiner, the creator of Mad Men (and former writer and producer of The Sopranos) has a new gig. Amazon just committed $70 million for his new TV series. Prepare to binge watch » The Changing Colors of Leaves Across the U.S., leaves are changing colors at different…

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China: 1 — Unites States: 0

Zuckerberg: “These are my people!” Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s founder, has been in Nigeria for barely an hour before he makes this strange remark. But since his words don’t reflect his biological heritage, what do they reflect? How AI Will Change the World Recent breakthroughs in artificial intelligence are enabling computers…

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Don’t Make This Texting Mistake

[Video] This Drone Will Own You Say goodbye to anything smaller than a car: this drone with claws will eat it up »  This Is How You Trace a Gun When cops want to trace a gun, there’s no federal database they can use. Instead, they turn to a warehouse…

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The Top 11 Technologies of the Future

How Much Salary You Need To Buy a Home In 27 U.S. Cities The rent may be too damn high, but so is the cost of buying a place. Here’s a nationwide map of how much salary you need in 27 different metro areas to purchase a home » Trash-Talking…

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What To Do In Between Killing People

American Guys’ Favorite “Man-Purse” People have strong opinions about cargo shorts. Detractors say that all those bulky pockets are as dorky as fanny packs, and even worse than socks with individual toes. Is a high-tech alternative on its way? The End of “CrackBerry” After years of being trounced by iPhones and…

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[BREAKING] Tech Giant Exposed as Gov't Spy

This Week in Tech You rely on Crowdability to bring you the best start-up deals. Now rely on us to bring you the most fascinating stories and trends from the world of technology. You won’t find this stuff in the mainstream press. Look for it every Friday morning. The World’s First “Three Person” Baby As the BBC reported, the world’s first baby…

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Boost Your Returns by 400%

OK, so now it’s legal for you to invest in start-ups. Sounds exciting… but should you invest in start-ups? After all, this is a new world, and it’s natural that you have concerns. But if you’ve been hesitating, here’s something that might push you over the edge. Silicon Valley’s Best…

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Madoff: The True Story

Which Start-up Throws Office Stripper Parties? Are you curious which tech start-up prefers not to hire women, and is trying to throw an office stripper party? Evidently, so are many other people »   Uber Loses $6.5 Million—Every Day According to Bloomberg, Uber lost $1.27 billion in the first half of…

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