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E*Trade for Startups?

Here’s a riddle for you: What do robots, craft beer, and med-tech devices have in common? Ready for the answer? They’re all made by start-up companies you can invest in right now. But I’m not here today to tell you about beer or robot start-ups… Instead, I’m here to tell…

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The "Shooting Fish in a Barrel" Investing Strategy

I started working on Wall Street in 1988… And it was during that very first year that I learned one of the most valuable investing strategies of my life. Not only has this strategy helped me avoid making some terrible investments… But it’s helped me earn millions of dollars. Initially,…

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Boost Your Returns by 281%

The stock market has been on a tear lately… Over the last year, the S&P 500 is up nearly 20%. But what if I could prove to you that there was something better out there — Not just a way to double the returns you could earn in the stock…

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World Leaders Predict Next Hot Sector

When it comes to spotting the most impactful technologies early on, you might think that professional venture capitalists take top honors… But recently, a non-profit tucked away in Switzerland has been giving venture funds a run for their money. Every year, this organization holds a conference in the Swiss Alps.…

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